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Last updated: 2022-05-24 16:06:06

Voice changing and reverb for video shooting:

// Get the `recorder` object
recorder = [TXUGCRecord shareInstance];
// Set reverb
// TXRecordCommon.VIDOE_REVERB_TYPE_0   Disable reverb
// TXRecordCommon.VIDOE_REVERB_TYPE_1   Karaoke room
// TXRecordCommon.VIDOE_REVERB_TYPE_2   Small room
// TXRecordCommon.VIDOE_REVERB_TYPE_3   Big hall
// TXRecordCommon.VIDOE_REVERB_TYPE_4   Deep
// TXRecordCommon.VIDOE_REVERB_TYPE_5   Resonant
// TXRecordCommon.VIDOE_REVERB_TYPE_6   Metallic
// TXRecordCommon.VIDOE_REVERB_TYPE_7   Husky
[recorder setReverbType:VIDOE_REVERB_TYPE_1];
// Set voice changing
// TXRecordCommon.VIDOE_VOICECHANGER_TYPE_0   Disable voice changing
// TXRecordCommon.VIDOE_VOICECHANGER_TYPE_1   Naughty boy
// TXRecordCommon.VIDOE_VOICECHANGER_TYPE_2   Little girl
// TXRecordCommon.VIDOE_VOICECHANGER_TYPE_3   Middle-aged man
// TXRecordCommon.VIDOE_VOICECHANGER_TYPE_4   Heavy metal
// TXRecordCommon.VIDOE_VOICECHANGER_TYPE_6   Non-native speaker
// TXRecordCommon.VIDOE_VOICECHANGER_TYPE_7   Furious animal
// TXRecordCommon.VIDOE_VOICECHANGER_TYPE_8   Chubby
// TXRecordCommon.VIDOE_VOICECHANGER_TYPE_9   Strong electric current
// TXRecordCommon.VIDOE_VOICECHANGER_TYPE_10   Robot
// TXRecordCommon.VIDOE_VOICECHANGER_TYPE_11   Ethereal voice
[record setVoiceChangerType:VIDOE_VOICECHANGER_TYPE_1];

Voice changing and reverb take effect only for recorded human voice but not for background music.

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