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Last updated: 2022-05-24 16:02:12

How the shooting drafts feature works

Starting a shooting

  1. Start shooting a video.
  2. Pause/End the shooting.
  3. Cache the video segment locally (draft box).

Resuming the shooting

  1. Preload the locally cached video segment.
  2. Continue with the shooting.
  3. End the shooting.
//Get the object of the previous shooting
record = [TXUGCRecord shareInstance];
//Start shooting a video.
[record startRecord];
//Pause the shooting and cache the video segment
[record pauseRecord:^{
NSArray *videoPathList = record.partsManager.getVideoPathList;
//Set `videoPathList` to a local path.
//Get the object of the resumed shooting.
record2 = [TXUGCRecord shareInstance];
//Preload the locally cached video segment.
[record2.partsManager insertPart:videoPath atIndex:0];
//Start the shooting
[record2 startRecord];
//End the shooting. The SDK will splice together the two video segments.
[record2 stopRecord];

For detailed instructions, see the UGCKitRecordViewController class in (Demo) Source Code for All-Feature UGSV Apps.

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