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Pricing Overview

Last updated: 2023-12-07 21:37:34
    The fee of the User Generated Short Video Video (UGSV) SDK contains the following parts:
    Fee type
    Usage authorization fee of UGSV SDK (Android & iOS).
    Fee generated by corresponding usage of UGSV SDK when cooperating with Tencent VIdeo on Demand

    SDK License

    To use the UGSV SDK, you need to purchase a UGSV license. The UGSV license is divided into Lite and Standard type, with different supported features. For details, please refer to SDK Features.
    If you only need the video playback feature, we recommend using the Player SDK with a smaller package size.

    Pricing of UGSV licenses

    License Type
    Validity Period
    Price (USD)
    How to Get
    UGSV Standard ( Trial)
    28 days
    UGSV (Standard) + Video playback
    UGSV Lite
    One year
    UGSV (Lite) + Video playback
    Buy now
    UGSV Standard
    One year
    UGSV (Standard) + Video playback

    Usage Rule

    Each Tencent Cloud account can apply for one UGSV standard license for free to try out the corresponding capabilities. You can use a trial license for at most 28 days.
    About validity: The license is valid for one year from the date of successful purchase(expires at 00:00:00 the next day). After purchasing, please go to the console and bind the package name in a timely manner.
    Each license can be bound to one iOS bundle ID and one Android package name, regardless of whether you use it in the development or production environment. If you want to use the UGSV SDK with more than one application, you need to purchase multiple licenses.
    A purchased license is not refundable after it’s bound to an application.


    The customer purchased the UGSV standard License A at 11:36:59 on July 1, 2022; one day later, at 12:32:50 on July 2, 2022, they bind the iOS Application A1 and Android Application A2. Therefore:
    After the purchase, the UGSV standard License A is in an activated status, with a validity period from 11:36:59 on July 1, 2022, to 00:00:00 on July 2, 2023.
    After binding, both Application A1 and Application A2 obtain permission for the usage of the UGSV SDK, and the validity period of the authorization for Application A1 and Application A2 is the same as the validity period of License A.

    Other Related Cloud Services Fee

    In addition to license fees, using the UGSV SDK may also incur the following service fees. Related fees will not be generated if the related services are not used.

    Video on Demand (VOD)

    Tencent Cloud’s VOD service provides functions such as video upload, storage, transcoding, acceleration distribution playback, copyright protection, and play quality monitoring.
    Billing of VOD:
    Storage fees are charged based on the storage space used by files uploaded to VOD and their transcoding outputs.
    If you transcode files stored in VOD, transcoding fees are charged based on the specifications and durations of the outputs.
    If you use VOD’s acceleration service to deliver videos, acceleration fees will be charged based on the traffic consumed for playback.
    For more information about the billing of VOD, see Billing Overview.

    SDK Features and Corresponding License Type

    To use the UGSV SDK, you need to purchase a UGSV license. The UGSV license comes in two types: Lite and Standard. The features supported by different types are listed in the table below:
    Lite License
    Standard License
    Pricing of Licenses
    Beauty Effects
    Advanced beautification
    Apply effects including big eyes, slim face, V shape, slim chin, short face, and slim nose, and adjust the strength
    Beauty effects-related features are value-added capabilities, and the UGSV SDK does not support them. If you need to use them in combination, please purchase the Tencent Effect SDK to unlock the Beauty Effects feature module.
    Animated stickers
    Apply face reshaping effects and stickers based on facial recognition technology
    AI-based keying
    Change the background to an animated image, PowerPoint, or other background image
    Green screen keying
    Replace the green background of a video with an animated image, PowerPoint, or other image
    Custom UI
    We provide a complete set of UI interaction source code in the UGSV demo app. You can reuse the code directly or customize your own UI based on it
    Aspect ratio
    Shoot videos in the aspect ratio of 16:9, 4:3, or 1:1
    Video quality selection
    Shoot videos in SD, HD, or FHD and at a specified bitrate, frame rate, and GOP
    Shooting control
    Switch the camera and adjust brightness during shooting
    Duration limits
    Set the maximum and minimum video duration allowed
    Add a watermark to the video shot
    Focal length
    Adjust the focal length during shooting
    Focus mode
    Auto or manual focus
    Segment-based shooting
    Pause shooting to generate a video segment, which can be deleted
    Take photos
    Speed change
    Shoot a video in slow or fast motion
    Background music
    Select a local MP3 file as the background music before shooting
    Voice change/reverb
    Select a voice changing effect (such as girl or man) or reverb effect (such as karaoke room or hall) before shooting
    Swipe to preview the video with different filters applied; customize filters; set the filter strength
    Basic beautification
    Apply effects including smooth skin, brightening, and rosy skin and adjust the strength
    Quick import
    Quickly import videos
    Video clipping
    Create a video clip from an original video by specifying a start and end time
    Bitrate setting
    Generate a video at the specified bitrate
    Thumbnail generation
    Capture a video frame at the specified time to use as the thumbnail
    Preview by frame
    Move the cursor across the timeline to preview a video at a specific time point
    Apply filters and set the filter strength
    Time effects
    Apply time effects to a video such as reverse, loop, and slow motion
    Special effects
    Add special effects such as soul out, rock light, split screen, and phantom
    Background music
    Select a preset track or local MP3 file to use as the background music (you can clip the track and adjust the music volume)
    Static/Animated stickers
    Add an animated or static sticker to the specified segment of a video at the specified location
    Add text of a specific style (such as speech bubbles) to the specified segment of a video at the specified location
    Image transitions
    Add transition effects such as rotate and fade between multiple images and convert the images into a video
    Video splicing
    Splice videos in the specified sequence
    Shoot a video while playing an existing video and splice the two videos into one split-screen video
    Video upload
    Upload to VOD
    VOD offers services such as media management and content moderation
    VOD player
    A VOD player-based, open-source solution that integrates features including data pulling, orientation change, definition selection, on-screen comments, and time shifting
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