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Release Notes (App)

Last updated: 2024-05-09 21:59:16

    Version 11.8 @ 2024.04.28

    New Features

    iOS&Android: TXVideoJoiner.setSplitScreenList adds DurationControlMode to specify the duration control mode when composing the split-screen video.

    Function Optimization

    Android: Optimize video generation speed.
    iOS: Hardware encoding supports BT709 color space.

    Version 11.7 @ 2024.03.04

    Function Optimization

    iOS&Android: Optimize the underlying logic of the SDK to improve overall stability.

    Version 11.6 @ 2024.01.10

    Function Optimization

    iOS&Android: Optimize the underlying logic of the SDK to improve overall stability.

    Version 11.4 @ 2023.08.29

    Function Optimization

    iOS: Optimized the occasional audio stuttering issue when setting repeated effects for short videos.
    iOS: Optimized video merging to merge according to the duration of long videos.

    Bug Fixes

    iOS: Fixed the issue of incorrect sticker coordinates when the parent view is not set.
    Android: Fixed the occasional encoding flickering issue.
    Android: Fixed the issue of abnormal exit when taking three-screen photos.

    Version 11.3 @ 2023.07.07

    Bug Fixes

    Android: Fixed the issue of abnormal exit during three-screen shooting.
    Android: Fixed resolution issues in scenarios such as group shooting.
    Android: Fixed the issue of memory release in thumbnail images.

    Version 11.2 @ 2023.06.01

    Bug Fixes

    Android:Fixed an occasional crash issue with MP4Writer.
    Android:Fixed the occasional freezing issue during UGC encoding.
    Android:Fixed the crash issue that may be caused by calling the getLicenceInfo interface

    Version 11.1 @ 2023.04.07

    Function Optimization

    Android:Optimized the time-consuming issue of judging file types in the TXVideoEditor#setVideoPath interface.
    iOS:Adjusted to obtain microphone permission only when starting recording.

    Bug Fixes

    iOS:Fixed the issue of empty thumbnails generated by TXVideoInfoReader.
    iOS:Fixed the issue of memory overflow caused by frequent addition of effects.
    iOS:Fixed the issue of nil coverimage returned in the Recorder onRecordComplete callback.
    Android:Fixed the issue of possible null pointer during decoding.

    Version 11.0 @ 2023.02.23

    Function Optimization

    Android&iOS:Added interfaces for enabling 3A processing
    Android&iOS:Added interfaces for enabling mirror during recording and encoding.

    Bug Fixes

    iOS:Fixed the issue of getting stuck at 99% progress when switching between foreground and background during video generation.
    Android:Fixed the occasional crash issue when switching between different transition effects.

    Version 10.9 @ 2022.12.30

    Function Optimization

    Android&iOS:Optimized the issue of black borders caused by resolution alignment during short video saving.
    Android:Optimized the issue of audio-video synchronization after adding BGM during short video recording and saving.
    Android:Added encoding profile definition and event value for recording.

    Bug Fixes

    iOS:Fixed the issue of ineffective setting of recording preview resolution.
    Android:Fixed the occasional crash issue when generating videos with TXVideoEditor.
    Android:Fixed the issue of screen distortion when adding stickers to specific videos.

    Version 10.8 @ 2022.10.27

    Function Optimization

    Android&iOS:Optimized the issue of BGM playback stuttering during short video editing.

    Bug Fixes

    Android:Fixed the occasional issue of no sound after repeatedly switching BGM during short video editing.
    Android:Fixed the black screen issue of image transitions on Huawei Mate50.
    iOS:Fixed the issue of increased video bitrate during video synthesis on iOS 14 system version.

    Version 10.7 @ 2022.09.20

    Function Optimization:

    Android&iOS:Optimized the issue of audio silence during recording to improve product experience.

    Bug Fixes

    Android:Fixed the crash issue when exiting during short video preprocessing.
    Android:Fixed the issue of ineffective sticker setting without preview.
    Android:Fixed the issue of ineffective effect setting in reverse playback mode.
    Android:Fixed the issue of ineffective video processing callback setting during short video editing.
    iOS:Optimized the audio and video synchronization issue during short video saving.
    iOS:Fixed the issue of failure to concatenate videos without audio.
    Android&iOS:Fixed the issue of noise during multiple recordings.

    Version 10.6 @ 2022.08.31

    Bug Fixes

    Android:Optimized short video encoding and saved it as High encoding.
    Android:Fixed the issue of no prompt for unsupported BGM formats.
    iOS:Fixed the issue of noise in the background sound during slow playback.

    Version 10.5 @ 2022.08.11

    Bug Fixes

    Android:Fixed the green screen issue of UGC image transition videos on HarmonyOS.
    Android:Fixed the issue of incorrect length of edited videos.
    Android:Fixed the issue of inability to play and re-encode multi-channel videos.
    Android:Fixed the issue of dynamic light wave effects only occurring once within the selected time period.
    Android&iOS:Fixed the issue of incorrect BGM playback progress after deleting short video recording segments.

    Version 10.4 @ 2022.07.21

    Function Optimization

    Android:Added the setBGMLoop interface for short video editing.

    Bug Fixes

    Android:Fixed the issue where setWaterMark does not take effect in video editing.
    Android:Fixed the issue where the preview rendering mode of TXVideoEditor is incorrect.

    Version 10.3 @ 2022.07.05

    Bug Fixes

    Android:Fixed the issue where setZoom does not take effect during video recording.
    Android:Fixed the issue of recording failure on Samsung S22.
    iOS:Fixed the issue of no callback for custom video preprocessing.

    Version 10.2 @ 2022.06.22

    New Features

    Android:Support editing videos without audio tracks.

    Function Optimization

    Android:Optimize the first opening speed of short video editing playback.

    Bug Fixes

    Android:Fixed the issue of incorrect cropping area during recording.
    Android:Fixed the issue of incorrect frame width and height when decoding H265 videos.
    iOS:Fixed the issue of inaccurate short video clipping time.
    iOS:Fixed the issue of noise during recording on iOS 14 and above models.
    iOS:Fixed the issue of occasional crashes when returning to recording after completing video shooting.

    Version 9.5 @ 2022.01.11

    iOS:Fixed the issue where the video preview interface cannot be played in a specific video shooting scenario for three-screen shooting.
    iOS:Fixed the issue where the video playback crashes in a specific video editing scenario.
    Android:Fixed the issue where the beauty effect cannot be detected due to the inability to detect faces when recording 1080P videos, resulting in the failure of beauty effects.

    Version 9.4 @ 2021.12.09

    iOS:Fixed the issue where the beauty effect sound is missing when recording videos with beauty effects enabled.
    Android:Fixed the issue where short video editing does not support generating 1080P videos.
    Android&iOS:Updated the HTTPDNS request address for short video uploads.

    Version 9.3 @ 2021.11.04

    iOS:Fixed the issue where the preview playback speed changes after video recording is completed in a special effects editing scenario.
    iOS:Fixed the crash issue of TXCRenderView.
    Android:Fixed the issue of stuttering and crashing when composing Xiaomi 9 three-screen chorus videos.

    Version 9.2 @ 2021.09.26

    Android:Fix issue where only half of the thumbnail is obtained.
    Android:Fix issue where video synthesis freezes on MTK Dimensity 1200 CPU.
    Android:Optimize video recording for 9:16 aspect ratio compatibility.
    iOS:Fix issue where sound is abnormal when splicing videos with 48000 mono audio.

    Version 9.1 @ 2021.09.02

    Android:Optimize stability issues with short videos.
    Android: Improve clarity of generated videos for UGC-related features.
    Android:Fix playback crash issue on specific Android 5.x devices.
    iOS:Fix the color saturation distortion of the video exported by iPhone 12 and above models.

    Version 9.0 @ 2021.08.06

    Android:Optimize loading time for short video duets.
    Android:Improve performance of short video SDK.
    Android:Enhance stability of short video playback.
    Andriod:Fix occasional inaccurate cropping during video trimming.
    iOS:Fix the abnormal compression problem that occurs after switching during the short video upload and compression process.

    Version 8.9 @ 2021.07.15

    iOS:Fixed the issue where static stickers display dynamic sticker content when switching to static stickers after adding new stickers to short videos, then returning and entering again.
    iOS:Fixed the issue where clicking on a selected video or image again after moving its position in short videos will cancel the file's original location.
    Android:Fixed the issue where image transition function in short videos on Xiaomi devices would cause the image to rotate.

    Version 8.8 @ 2021.06.18

    iOS:Fixed the memory leak issue caused by multiple start-stop triggers of the VOD player.
    iOS&Android:Fixed the issue where setting progress after pausing VOD playback would result in slow screen display.

    Version 8.7 @ 2021.05.24

    iOS:Fixed the electric noise issue that occurred with the short video recording module on iOS 14.5.

    Version 8.6 @ 2021.05.06

    iOS:Fixed the occasional memory exception increase issue with the VOD player.
    iOS:Optimized Swift compilation warning issues.
    iOS&Android:Fixed several stability issues with the UGC SDK.
    iOS&Android:Fixed the issue of failed uploads caused by UGC SDK upload competition.

    Version 8.5 @ 2021.03.18

    iOS & Android:Optimized advanced beauty effects such as slimming face, enlarging eyes, and creating a V-shaped face.
    iOS & Android:Added narrow face interface for advanced beauty effects.
    iOS & Android:Optimized facial feature extraction for advanced beauty effects.
    iOS & Android:Added narrow face interface for advanced beauty effects.
    iOS & Android:Optimized the slow seeking issue for some network streams in the SuperPlayer.
    Android: Fixed the error when playing videos via fileid in the SuperPlayer.

    Version 8.4 @ 2021.02.07

    iOS&Android:Fixed security issues related to short video verification.
    Android:Added support for previewing multi-audio track videos in short videos.
    iOS:Optimized pre-processing performance and improved stability.
    iOS:Fixed the issue with beauty callback face coordinates.

    Version 8.3 @ 2021.01.15

    Android:Fixed an issue where deleting a segment during segment recording could cause a composition failure.
    Android:Fixed a crash issue with multiple short videos.
    iOS:Fixed a crash issue with slow motion playback.
    iOS:Fixed an issue where the screen would display black during certain steps of image transitions.
    iOS:Fixed crash issues caused by compatibility problems.

    Version 8.2 @ 2020.12.24

    Android:Fixed an issue where the green screen would not work when switching cameras.
    Android:Fixed occasional stability issues with short video recording.
    iOS:Fixed an issue where the playback screen would be displayed in the wrong aspect ratio when the player was rotated upside down.
    iOS:Fixed a composition failure issue when continuing to record in landscape mode during short video recording.
    iOS:Fixed occasional stability issues with the super player.

    Version 8.1 @ 2020.12.03

    Android:Improved the quality and clarity of short videos.
    Android:Changed the parameter type of beauty-related interfaces from int to float.
    Android:Fixed the issue of abnormal return values when pausing recording of short videos.
    Android:Fixed some crash and compatibility issues.

    Version 8.0 @ 2020.11.16

    iOS:Fixed the issue of occasional application freezing when adding multiple stickers.
    iOS:Fixed the issue of occasional app crashes when editing bubble subtitles.
    Android:Made uploading cover compatible with devices running Android 9.0 or later.
    Android:Fixed the issue of unsynchronized three-screen collaboration videos when returning to the app after switching to the background.
    Android:Fixed the issue of occasional black screen when previewing compressed videos in UGCKit.
    Android:Fixed the issue of ineffective volume setting when editing videos in UGCKit.
    Android:Fixed the issue of occasional undo button not displaying in the action interface of UGCKit.

    Version 7.9 @ 2020.10.23

    iOS:Fixed the issue of missing audio at the end of short video editing.
    iOS:Fixed the issue of not resetting the BGM when re-recording it during short video recording.
    Android:Fixed several crashes in the short video SDK and improved stability.
    Android: Fixed the issue of crashing when using the shooting function on Android versions below 5.0.
    iOS&Android:Optimized the delay control algorithm of the live player to avoid frequent acceleration and deceleration.

    Version 7.8 @ 2020.09.27

    iOS:Fixed compatibility issues with iOS 14 in the Super Player.
    Android:Updated the VideoUploadSDK in UGCKit.
    Android:Fixed the issue of advanced beauty causing crashes on Android 4.4.
    Android:Fixed the issue of audio and video synchronization in short video SDK recording.
    Android:Fixed the issue of error logs being printed when the short video SDK is uninitialized.
    Andorid:Fixed the slow callback issue when ending the recording in the short video SDK.
    Android: Fixed multiple crash issues recently reported in the short video SDK.

    Version 7.7 @ 2020.09.08

    Android: Basic beauty optimization for P pictures, added two new filters: "fair" and "natural".
    iOS:Fixed compatibility issues with iOS14 for short videos.

    Version 7.6 @ 2020.08.24

    iOS&Android:Optimized AI beauty, fixed lip color blocking issues, improved recognition accuracy, and optimized makeup effects for side faces.
    iOS&Android:Internationalized SDK event and error callback information.
    Android:Moved custom preprocessing callback for short videos before adding stickers.
    Android:Fixed occasional crash caused by bitmap release for short videos.
    Android:Fixed "loading" issue for specific models during chorus playback for short videos.

    Version 7.5 @ 2020.07.31

    iOS: Fixed the problem of flickering watermark at the end of short videos.

    Version 7.4 @ 2020.07.03

    iOS&Android:Fixed the issue of failed merging of videos without audio tracks.
    Android:Optimized the generated effects of short video editing and solved the problem of insufficient picture clarity on some models.

    Version 7.2 @ 2020.04.17

    iOS&Android:Optimized the interface of visual effects such as filters and green screens, merged them into the TXBeautyManager class, and achieved a unified calling method.

    Version 7.1 @ 2020.03.30

    Andorid:Added support for HE-AAC audio format in short video editing, better compatibility with third-party video editing.
    Android:Fixed occasional issues such as abnormal display on the cropping page and recording errors in short video UGCKit.

    Version 7.0 @ 2020.03.09

    Android:Fixed occasional crash issue with facial animation.
    Android:Fixed occasional crash issue when switching cameras frequently while stopping recording.
    iOS&Android:Fixed several bugs.

    Version 6.9 @ 2020.01.15

    iOS&Android:UGC TUIKit implementation, UI componentization, support for custom themes, and easy integration and modification.
    iOS&Android:UGC supports three-screen shooting and volume adjustment.
    Android:Compatible with Android 10.
    Android:UGC pre-processing uses hardware traversal to improve processing speed.
    iOS:Optimized UGC chorus module, fixed issues with audio-visual synchronization, and other related issues.

    Version 6.8 @ 2019.11.15

    iOS&Android:Recording now supports 4:3 aspect ratio.
    iOS&Android:Enterprise version adds new P pictures features, including skin beautification, eye enhancement, teeth whitening, wrinkle removal, makeup application, and gesture recognition.
    Android: Optimizes the speed of short video creation, improving the efficiency of short video editing and generation.
    Android: Fixes the issue where the lower right border of the focus is thicker than the upper left border.
    Android: Enterprise version fixes the problem of ineffective big eyes, thin faces, and animations on some models.
    iOS:Resolves the issue of occasional black screens during short video previews.

    Version 6.7 @ 2019.09.29

    iOS&Android:Added support for 16:9 resolution in recording.
    iOS&Android:Fixed occasional CRASH issues reported.
    Android:Fixed occasional noise issue in short video synthesis.
    iOS:Fixed compatibility issues with Arabic language.
    iOS:Fixed occasional failure issue when using high-quality saving in video editing.

    Version 6.6 Patch @ 2019.09.10

    iOS&Android: Fixed several bugs.
    Android:: Fixed memory usage and library conflict issues in the enterprise edition.
    iOS:Added iOS 13 compatibility support.

    Version 6.6.7458 @ 2019-08-06

    Android:Added 64-bit support for Enterprise version, and added support for dynamic downloading in P picture library.
    Android:Fixed CRASH issue on editing video page in short video.
    iOS: Fixed occasional issue of incorrect data returned when obtaining thumbnails by time points in TXVideoEditer.
    iOS:Fixed issue of invalid animation settings after switching to the background.

    Version 6.5.7272 @ 2019-06-12

    iOS&Android:Added support for uploading images.
    Android: Fixed occasional opengl exceptions when generating short videos
    Android: Fixed issue of direction not refreshing after pausing and rotating during video editing.

    Version 6.4.7328 @ 2019-05-15

    Fixed recent reported bugs and further improved stability.

    Version 5.4 @ 2019-01-04

    iOS&Android: Optimized success rate of short video uploads.
    iOS: Fixed CRASH issues in image transition merge function.

    Version 5.3 @ 2018-10-25

    iOS&Android:Support fade-in and fade-out for editing BGM.
    iOS&Android:Support 1080P video recording.
    iOS&Android:Support merging videos without audio.
    Android:Fixed the issue of delayed recording progress callback.
    Android: Fixed the issue of incorrect thumbnail orientation for some videos.
    Android:Fixed the issue of pre-processing lag.
    iOS:Support setting whether BGM loops during recording.
    iOS:Optimized short video uploading.
    iOS:Added the feature of generating GIFs from original videos in the Demo.

    Version 5.2 @ 2018-09-14

    iOS&Android:Support 4K large video editing, thumbnail extraction supports specified resolution.
    iOS&Android:Added an example of using the draft box function. For details, please refer to the small video app.
    iOS&Android:Editing supports dynamic rotation of screen angles.
    Android: Added a thumbnail quick access interface for video editing.
    Android:Fix the problem that the dynamic sticker angle setting does not take effect.
    Android:Solve the problem of out-of-sync audio and video occasionally in multi-video synthesis, and improve the quality of video synthesis.
    iOS:Fixed thread safety issues caused by fast and frequent switching of BGM.
    iOS:Solve the problem that the sound volume of BGM in video recording and preview is inconsistent.
    iOS:Fixed the problem that adding repeated special effects to video editing would cause the PTS of the end-credit watermark to be abnormal.

    Version 5.1 @ 2018-08-18

    iOS&Android:Add multiple versions of the short video: Lite Edition, Basic Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Enterprise Edition Pro to meet the needs of different customers. Different versions need to apply for corresponding licenses.
    iOS&Android:Optimize the beauty filter, redesign and add a variety of filter effects.
    iOS&Android:Recording and editing filters add gesture sliding switching effects.
    iOS&Android:Optimize the duet function.
    iOS&Android:The small video app has added functions such as long press to record, single click to record, and single click to take a photo. The chorus has added a countdown function, and the recording interface has added reverberation and voice change options.
    iOS&Android:iOS&Android: The small video app supports internationalization, and already supports Chinese and English.
    iOS&Android:The Demo main interface is redesigned to be clearer and easier to use.
    Android:Added fast import capability, suitable for fast import of large videos.
    Android:Edited to add filter level setting interface.
    iOS:Video editing supports Two-pass encoding to generate better quality.
    iOS: Solve the problem of high CPU caused by abnormal recording exit and editing.
    iOS:Solve the problem of blurred screen in short video recording in iOS12.

    Version 5.0 @ 2018-07-18

    iOS&Android:Video left and right image synthesis supports duet singing.
    iOS&Android:Edit and generate videos to support binaural sound.
    iOS&Android:Recording supports setting audio sampling rate and rendering mode.
    Android:Optimize the quality of recording and editing, and generate smaller files.
    Android: Optimize editing preprocessing speed and video generation speed.
    Android:Solve the black screen problem when recording horizontal and vertical screen switching.
    Android:Fix the problem of reporting an error when the recording is quickly clicked to start and end.
    iOS:Optimize the loading speed of edited videos.
    iOS:Solve the problem of occasional screen tearing when editing and generating videos.
    iOS:Solve the problem of occasional black frames at the end of the video generated by editing.
    iOS:Fix the problem that the edit preview video is set to play at a slow speed, and the audio playback will end early.
    iOS:The iOS Demo interface is adapted to iPhoneX.
    iOS:iOS fixes memory leaks, improves stability, and adds module definitions to better support swift integration.

    Version 4.9 @ 2018-06-14

    Android&iOS:Optimize the short video license integration method and support automatic renewal.
    Android:The short video has added the ability to convert pictures to videos, and switching between pictures supports a variety of transition animations, including sliding up and down, left and right, zooming in, zooming out, rotating and zooming, fading in and out, etc.
    Android:Optimize the speed of short video editing and generation, and solve problems such as memory leaks.
    iOS:Optimize short video local BGM, thumbnail loading speed and videoInfo acquisition speed.
    iOS:Optimize short video editing to generate video quality.
    iOS:Solve the problems of occasional stuttering and black frames in short video recording, occasional flickering of watermarks at the end of the film, and memory leaks.

    Version 4.7 @ 2018-05-25

    iOS&Android:Short video adds new filter effects, including blinds, phantom, lightning, mirror, illusion, etc.
    Android:Custom data adds texture support.
    Android:Optimize the memory usage of short video editing synthesis and reduce the peak memory usage during editing generation.
    iOS:Short video adds the ability to convert images to videos, and supports multiple transition animations between images, including up, down, left, right sliding, zooming, scaling, fading in and out, etc.
    iOS:Short video solves the problem that short video BGM needs to be played before callback.

    Version 4.6 @ 2018-05-04

    iOS&Android:Added reverberation effects such as auditorium and magnetism for short video recording, and voice-changing effects such as loli and uncle.
    iOS&Android:Added an external setting interface for the segmented storage directory for short video recording.
    iOS&Android:Short video editing added BGM support for pure video streaming.
    iOS&Android:A new split-screen synthesis interface has been added for short video synthesis.
    iOS&Android:Short video recording cancels the upper limit bit rate restriction.
    Android:Optimize the upload of small files to increase the success rate.
    Android:Solve the CRASH problem caused by the wrong animation path.
    iOS:Short videos support Bitcode.

    Version 4.5 @ 2018-04-13

    iOS&Android:The demo adds demo code for uploading function, integrates with VOD service, and provides an integrated solution from shooting to special effects production, upload, transcoding, pornography detection, distribution, and playback.
    iOS&Android:Cover: Upload cover supports GIF format, and adds segment merging function.
    iOS&Android:Short video special effects: Add two special functions, support removing dynamic effect background sound and support one-click canceling all filter effects.
    Android: Optimize the short video production process, solve problems such as unable to play after uploading large files, black frames occasionally appearing when obtaining thumbnails, and video and audio synchronization issues in some videos.
    Android: Allow custom setting of bitrate during short video editing.
    Android: Support editing of video files without audio tracks.

    Version 4.2

    iOS&Android:Improve the performance of the enterprise version SDK, enable P-graphic dynamic effects, significantly improve the iOS frame rate, and reduce Android GPU consumption.

    Version 4.1

    iOS&Android:Short video recording adds interfaces for resolution and bitrate switching.
    iOS&Android:Short video recording adds a photo-taking interface.
    iOS&Android:Short video editing BGM supports setting the start time of playback and loop playback.

    Version 3.9

    iOS&Android:Dynamic sticker upgrade, adding HDR and high-resolution sticker special effects, making stickers more beautiful.
    iOS&Android:Add AI intelligent background removal capability.
    iOS&Android:Introduce three time effects: slow motion, repeat playback, and time reversal.
    iOS&Android:Add multiple filters, providing more effects for you to choose from.
    iOS&Android:Add multiple dynamic and static stickers, supporting customization of more stickers.
    iOS&Android:You can now add bubble subtitles to your videos.
    iOS&Android:Support silent shooting for easy post-production.
    iOS&Android:Support switching between portrait and landscape during shooting.
    iOS&Android:Fix several bugs.
    Android:UGCPublish accesses the new COS architecture, optimizing the short video upload processing flow.

    Version 3.4

    iOS&Android:Short video recording adds functions such as back-delete, multi-ratio switching, and focus adjustment.
    iOS&Android:Short video editing adds end watermark function.
    iOS:Fix iOS11 compatibility issues.

    Version 3.3

    iOS&Android:Fix some bugs raised by customers in the past week.
    Android:Fix the issue of green screen recording and black screen playback on some Android models.

    Version 3.1

    iOS&Android:The enterprise version adds features such as V-face, thin nose, and thin chin.
    iOS&Android:Optimize the beauty algorithm, add ruddy effect and multiple sets of beauty styles.
    Android:Add three beauty styles: smooth, natural, and hazy.
    Android:Short video editing adds speed change, background music, and subtitle functions.
    iOS:Add two beauty styles: smooth and natural.

    Version 3.0

    iOS&Android: Refactor the beauty module to improve the beauty effect while reducing GPU usage.
    iOS&Android: Added pauseRecord and resumeRecord interfaces to TXUGCRecord to support multi-segment recording.
    iOS:Provided fast cropping and editing interfaces.

    Version 2.0.5

    Android:Add watermark function to short video editing.
    Android:Add multi-segment recording function to short video recording.
    iOS&Android:Fix several bugs.

    Version 2.0.4

    iOS&Android:Add a beauty callback preprocessing interface to the UGC recording process.
    iOS&Android:Add the ability of breakpoint resume to the short video uploading process.
    Android:Optimize the short video cropping and splicing function, and add the function of editing filters.
    iOS:Short video editing adds functions such as filters, watermarks, background music, subtitles, and variable speed.

    Version 2.0.3

    iOS&Android:Optimize the directory and code structure of the demo, reduce the access cost, add a demo for recording, cropping, and splicing short videos, and make it simple and easy to use.
    Android:Add the function of cropping and splicing UGC short videos.
    iOS:Optimize the overexposure issue on iOS, making the exposure more natural.

    Version 2.0.2

    iOS&Android:Optimize the UGC upload protocol.
    Android:The privileged version adds the function of enlarging eyes and slimming face.
    Android:Optimize the hardware encoding effect and improve the encoding quality.
    iOS:Add the function of cropping and splicing UGC short videos.
    iOS:The privileged version supports Bitcode.

    Version 2.0.1

    iOS&Android:Add the function of adding background music to UGC short videos.
    Android:The privileged version adds green screen function.

    Version 2.0.0

    iOS&Android:Add the function of capturing and publishing UGC short videos.
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