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    Constructor API

    API Description
    initWithPreview The default initialization method.

    Video/Image setting APIs

    API Description
    setVideoPath Specifies the video path.
    setVideoAsset Sets AVAsset.
    setPictureList Specifies the images that are to be converted to a video (not supported in UGSV Lite).
    setPictureTransition Sets the transition effects (not supported in UGSV Lite).

    Preview APIs

    API Description
    previewAtTime Renders the image at a specific time point of the video.
    startPlayFromTime Plays a video for a specific time period.
    pausePlay Pauses playback.
    resumePlay Resumes playback.
    stopPlay Stops playback (releases the resources).

    Effect APIs

    API Description
    setBeautyFilter Sets the beautification and brightening strength (0-9).
    setFilter Sets the filter.
    setFilter Sets two filters.
    setSpecialRatio Sets the filter strength.
    setReverse Plays a video backwards (not supported in UGSV Lite).
    setRepeatPlay Loops video segments (not supported in UGSV Lite).
    setRenderRotation Sets the rendering rotation (not supported in UGSV Lite).
    setSpeedList Sets the playback speed (not supported in UGSV Lite).
    startEffect Starts an effect (not supported in UGSV Lite).
    stopEffect Stops an effect (not supported in UGSV Lite).
    deleteLastEffect Removes the last effect applied (not supported in UGSV Lite).
    deleteAllEffect Removes all effects (not supported in UGSV Lite).

    Sticker APIs (not supported in UGSV Lite)

    API Description
    setSubtitleList Sets speech bubbles (not supported in UGSV Lite).
    setPasterList Sets static stickers (not supported in UGSV Lite).
    setAnimatedPasterList Sets animated stickers (not supported in UGSV Lite).

    Background music APIs

    API Description
    setBGM Sets the background music (not supported in UGSV Lite).
    setBGMAsset Sets the background music (not supported in UGSV Lite).
    setBGMStartTime Sets the start and end time of the background music (not supported in UGSV Lite).
    setBGMLoop Sets whether to loop the background music (not supported in UGSV Lite).
    setBGMAtVideoTime Sets the time point of the video to start playing music (not supported in UGSV Lite).
    setVideoVolume Sets the audio volume of the video (not supported in UGSV Lite).
    setBGMVolume Sets the volume of the background music (not supported in UGSV Lite).
    setBGMFadeInDuration Sets fade-in and fade-out effects for the background music (not supported in UGSV Lite).

    Watermark APIs

    API Description
    setWaterMark Sets a global watermark (not supported in UGSV Lite).
    setTailWaterMark Adds a watermark to the closing segment (not supported in UGSV Lite).


    Preview callback APIs

    API Description
    onPreviewProgress The current preview time of the video, in seconds.
    onPreviewFinished The preview ended.


    Custom processing callback APIs

    API Description
    onPreProcessTexture The texture callback. You can process the video by yourself in this callback.
    onTextureDestoryed The texture releasing callback. You can release the OpenGL resources in this callback.


    Editing callback APIs

    API Description
    onGenerateProgress The video generation progress.
    onGenerateComplete A video was generated.


    Video generation and splicing callback APIs

    API Description
    onJoinProgress The video generation progress.
    onJoinComplete A video was generated.


    Definitions of editing key types

    API Description
    TXVideoInfo The video information.
    TXPreviewParam The preview parameters.
    TXGenerateResult The editing result.
    TXJoinerResult The video generation result.
    TXSubtitle The subtitle information.
    TXPaster The static sticker information.
    TXAnimatedPaster The animated sticker information.
    TXSpeed The speed changing information.
    TXRepeat The looped segment.

    Enumerated types

    API Description
    TXPreviewRenderMode Preview fill modes.
    TXSpeedLevel Speed change options.
    TXEffectType Effect types.
    TXTransitionType Transition effects.
    TXGenerateResultCode Error codes for video generation.
    TXJoinerResultCode Error codes for video splicing.
    TXVideoCompressed Compression ratios.

    Error Codes

    Video generation

    Message Code Description
    GENERATE_RESULT_OK 0 The video was generated successfully.
    GENERATE_RESULT_FAILED -1 Failed to generate the video.
    GENERATE_RESULT_CANCEL -2 The video was canceled.
    GENERATE_RESULT_LICENCE_VERIFICATION_FAILED -5 Failed to generate the video due to a license verification error.

    Video splicing

    Message Code Description
    JOINER_RESULT_OK 0 The splicing was successful.
    JOINER_RESULT_FAILED -1 The splicing failed.
    JOINER_RESULT_LICENCE_VERIFICATION_FAILED -5 License verification failed.
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