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Access Token

Last updated: 2023-12-25 17:08:18
    A personal access token is similar to the special passwords for applications in certain systems. You can use the generated token to access specific APIs to create applications or scripts.


    1. Log in to the CODING Console and click Use Now to go to CODING page.
    2. Hover over your profile photo in the upper-right corner and click Personal Settings.
    3. In the menu on the left, click Access Token.

    Create an access token

    1. Click Create Token, enter a token description, and select the access permissions for the token.
    2. Click Create Token. When submitting the request, you will need to enter the service password to verify your identity.
    3. Click OK to create the access token.
    4. After submitting the request, you will be brought back to the list of access tokens, and the new token will be shown.
    The token will only be shown once. As a security precaution, copy and paste it into your application or script and do not save a copy. If you are using the token for testing purposes, generate a new token after the testing and paste it into the final application or script.

    Edit an access token

    1. Click Edit on the right of the token to enter the Edit page.
    2. You can edit the token description and permissions.
    3. Click Update Token and enter the service password to verify your identity.
    4. Click OK to complete editing the token.
    If you have lost or forgotten the token, click Regenerate on the Edit page to update the token.

    Delete an access token

    1. Click Delete on the right of a token to delete it. You can also click Remove All to remove all access tokens.
    2. Enter the service password to verify your identity, and then click OK to delete the token.
    If a token is no longer used, we recommend you delete the token to prevent it from being compromised.
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