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Release Notes

Last updated: 2023-08-03 16:59:24

    October 2022

    Update Description Documentation
    Added Java script features iPaaS supports autocomplete, debugging, and formatting. Custom script
    Optimized node replication Nodes can be replicated across applications. Replicating a flow
    Optimized certain logical components Aggregated output is added to the traversal feature. The choice input method is upgraded to graphical input. The subflow declaration component is added for you to view the inputs and outputs referenced by subflows. Choice
    Optimized the display of nested components The selected line at the node's level is highlighted. When a node is added, the content of the parent node will be displayed. Logical component operation guide
    Optimized error management iPaaS allows you to view only non-captured errors and adds the error component call chain panel to make troubleshooting more efficient. Error management

    September 2022

    Update Description Documentation
    Added alarm settings iPaaS supports multidimensional metrics for application monitoring and notifies the specified users immediately through email and SMS when the alarm condition is met. Alarm Policy
    Optimized monitoring overview The display styles and statistical dimensions are optimized to offer various metrics by app, flow, and connector, including numbers of triggers, alarms, and executions, execution duration, and traffic usage. Monitoring Management

    August 2022

    Update Description Documentation
    Optimized the security gateway The status and allowlist descriptions are added, and the required configuration item check is added to the private network service configuration. Security Gateway
    Optimized audit logs The **Stop** operation type is added, which includes two operations: stop an integration app and stop an API service. Audit Log
    Optimized running logs and scheduled tasks The automatic running log refresh UI is optimized. The redirection logic for viewing scheduled task details is optimized, and filtering by task status is added. Running Log

    July 2022

    Update Description Documentation
    Optimized the connector marketplace Scenarios and industry categories are added to the connector marketplace to make search more efficient. Connector Marketplace
    Added in-application search In-application keyword search is supported to facilitate quick location. Search
    Added the connection group feature to the canvas You can switch between connection groups on the canvas toolbar, so as to quickly use different authentication information during preview, debugging, and publishing. Connection group

    June 2022

    Update Description Documentation
    Launched a new version An independent website is launched: ipaas.tencent.com. iPaaS console
    Added click-based input You can click to select the data content on the previous nodes to reference data variables easily. If multiple variables are selected, they will be spliced automatically. Flow data panel
    Added simple expression input You can perform over 100 quick operations for orchestration, such as type conversion, operator, method reference, and attribute reference. The input process is further simplified through capabilities such as smart prompt and autocomplete. Expression Mode
    Supported Java You can switch between Python and Java as needed when entering code. Code Mode - Java
    Launched the online preview feature After configuring a node, you can view the node's output data and schema immediately in the preview step, so as to stay on top of the data content in real time and perform continuous development. Online preview
    Launched a new canvas iPaaS UIs from the console to the integrated development canvas have been optimized completely to guarantee a smooth operation experience. New canvas

    May 2022

    Update Description Documentation
    Added the Home overview The entries to quick integration app creation, account resources, getting started, and release notes are added to the homepage. Home
    Supported purchase of Enterprise edition New users can enjoy the trial environment for 30 days and purchase the Enterprise edition when the trial expires to get an exclusive integration environment and more resources. Purchase Guide
    Optimized environment management The interactive experience of the environment management menu is optimized for you to perform operations such as upgrade and renewal on exclusive Enterprise edition environments. Environment Management

    April 2022

    Update Description Documentation
    Added Quick Start The Getting Started document is added for new users to get started with the core concepts and operations of iPaaS quickly. Quick Start
    Added the audit log feature iPaaS supports all-around and fine-grained logs of historical operation events, which meets various needs such as compliance audit, project change tracking, and security analysis. Audit Log
    Optimized the HTTP Request connection You can set the base URL to adapt to environment migration scenarios like domain name change. HTTP Request Connector

    March 2022

    Update Description Documentation
    Optimized the mapping feature for the Database connector Table field mapping by the same name is supported for batch insert, batch upsert, and batch delete operations to reduce the configuration costs. User Guide
    Optimized the mapping feature for the Table component Table field mapping by the same name is supported for insert, upsert, compare, and delete operations to reduce the configuration costs. Table
    Optimized the Content-Type adaptation of the HTTP Request connector Types like `text/json` and `text/xml` can be normally displayed without Base64 decoding during connector debugging, improving the ease of use. Support for MIME Types

    February 2022

    Update Description Documentation
    Optimized the real-time running log viewing mechanism The concepts of historical and real-time logs are deleted to make it easier for you to understand the product. The automatic running log refresh mechanism is added to enable you to view logs in real time. Monitoring Management
    Added the running log entry You can be quickly redirected to the corresponding running logs of a running integration app, which simplifies operations and allows you to quickly view logs. Monitoring Management
    Added the job ID field The job ID field is added to running logs for you to search for and track logs by job quickly and troubleshoot more efficiently. Monitoring Management
    Supported integration task retry When an integration app fails to be published, automatic and manual retries are supported to avoid data loss. Monitoring Management

    January 2022

    Update Description Documentation
    Launched the JWT connector iPaaS can generate and verify a JSON Web Token (JWT) to pass the identity information of a verified user between the identity and service providers, so that the user can get resources. JWT Connector
    Launched the MQTT connector The MQTT connector provides a real-time and reliable messaging service to support remote device connection at extremely low bandwidth costs. It is often used in the industrial internet scenarios. MQTT Connector
    Added API management capabilities The API configuration is optimized. You can create an API service through a self-describing file or manual operations. Configurations such as HTTP and HTTPS protocols and request IP-based access control are added. API Management
    Launched the API testing and Ops features You can view detailed API service logs and statistics and send testing requests in real time in the console to get the simulated test results. API Management

    December 2021

    Update Description Documentation
    Launched the gRPC connector You can initiate gRPC requests and pass the responses to the next component as messages. The connector is suitable for microservices supporting the gRPC framework. gRPC Connector
    Launched the custom error feature You can flexibly configure and manage error handling mechanisms to locate and handle errors more quickly and accurately. Monitoring Management
    Supported member permission management The member permission management feature is launched, which allows you to flexibly control various permissions, including read-only, editing, publishing, and deletion, in a refined manner in member and project management.
  • Member Management
  • Project Management
  • Displayed the system performance and inbound/outbound data System monitoring capabilities are added. You can view real-time or historical data such as inbound/outbound response time and numbers of inbound/outbound requests by application, flow, trigger, and endpoint, so as to stay on top of the service status. Monitoring Management

    November 2021

    Update Description Documentation
    Launched the Rate Limiter component You can set the execution frequency of flows, which prevents them from failing to be executed due to the frequency control policy of the external application system, so as to improve the integration app's stability. Rate Limiter
    Added API management capabilities Basic and OAuth authentication methods are added, the endpoint configuration experience is optimized, and statistics can be displayed by endpoint, meeting your requirements for daily API management. API Management
    Supported hot loading by the security gateway You can add a private network service smoothly with no need to restart the gateway service, which improves the business availability. Security Gateway

    October 2021

    Update Description Documentation
    Launched the general storage feature iPaaS provides general storage capabilities using relational data and key-value data in projects, so that you can search for and convert specified data fields in integration apps with no need to use an external database. General Storage
    Supported importing connections The connection sync mechanism during app import is optimized, which reduces the workload of connection configuration during integration app migration and thus makes migration more efficient. Application Management
    Supported binding the HTTP Listener connector to a custom script The HTTP Listener connector can be bound to a custom script to reuse the code and improve the efficiency of integrated development. HTTP Listener Connector

    September 2021

    Update Description Documentation
    Launched the Guangzhou cluster environment Integration app and security gateways can be published to Guangzhou and Tianjin regions, which improves the business availability and helps implement remote disaster recovery for core businesses. Application Configuration
    Optimized the user experience of running logs The running log search logic is optimized to allow you to search for and view logs by cluster environment, and the log levels are optimized to help you view logs more clearly and troubleshoot more efficiently. Monitoring Management
    Launched the multi-person collaborative development mode The multi-user collaborative development mode is launched to enable members in the same project team to develop a flow at the same time, improving the efficiency of integrated development. Application Configuration
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