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Last updated: 2023-08-03 16:59:24

Key concepts of iPaaS include integration apps, messages, components, and security gateways. This document describes messages.

A message is a carrier of runtime data such as metadata in iPaaS. Messages are transferred between components in a flow according to the predefined logic. When a trigger begins the execution of a flow, it will encapsulate the raw input data into a message and pass it in to a component as parameters. After processing the message, the component will return a new message, which will be the input to the next component, and so on until the last component in the flow ends its execution and returns a message with the returned values of the entire flow. A message consists of the following parts:

  • Message content: Contains the body of the message (payload) and metadata (attribute). The former is the core information, while the latter is auxiliary information.
  • Message variable: Indicates the intermediate value stored temporarily during message transfer in the flow.
  • Error content: An error.

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