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Scatter Gather

Last updated: 2023-08-03 17:12:12


    Scatter Gather can execute multiple tasks in parallel. In this component, you can add multiple branches and configure a subflow in each branch to execute a task independently.

    Operation Configuration

    Parameter configuration

    Parameter Data Type Description Required Default Value
    Maximum parallelism int Maximum number of tasks executed in parallel. Value range: 2–8. The actual parallelism is the lesser value between the number of branches and the maximum parallelism. Yes 4
    Root message string The root message is a variable, which stores the message of the main flow. You need to enter a variable name. You can enter msg.vars.get('#root message name#').payload to access the payload data of the main flow. If the default value rootMessage is used, you can use msg.vars.get('rootMessage').payload to access the payload data of the main flow in the subflow. Yes rootMessage

    Configuration page


    Data preview


    message input to the subflow

    message Attribute Value
    payload This attribute inherits the payload in message of the main flow.
    error Null.
    attribute This attribute inherits the attribute in message of the main flow.
    variable This attribute inherits the variable of the main flow.


    The output result of Scatter Gather doesn't contain the variable variable used in the processing logic but only the data in payload.
    The output payload is of dict type and aggregates the processing result of each branch.

    The message output by the component is as detailed below:

    message Attribute Value
    payload This attribute is of dict type. key is the branch number, which starts from 1. value is the branch execution result (the payload output by the last component).
    • error will be empty if the flow is executed successfully.
    • error will be of dict type and contain the Code and Description fields if the flow fails to be executed. The Code field indicates the error type, and the Description field indicates the error details.
    attribute The value is the same as that of the input attribute.
    variable The value is the same as that of the input variable.


    We recommend you use Scatter Gather to execute different tasks in parallel. For example, if you need to query the customer and product information based on the user order data, you can configure two branches to query the two types of information respectively.

    1. Add a Scatter Gather component and two branches and use the default configuration.
    2. Configure customer information query in the first branch and product information query in the second branch. Here, two simple HTTP requests are used for simulation.
    3. After execution, view the output of Scatter Gather. Switch to the Professional mode, and you can see that payload is a dictionary containing two keys.
      Key 1 represents the result of the first branch, i.e., the queried customer information, and key 2 represents the result of the second branch, i.e., the queried product information.
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