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Last updated: 2023-08-03 17:04:24

    What is iPaaS?

    As a new type of cloud integration service, iPaaS natively features elastic scalability, high availability, and self-service. It connects different systems in and outside your organization to the same platform.

    What integration scenarios is iPaaS suitable for?

    With high availability and complete technical support, iPaaS is suitable for many enterprise-level integration scenarios, including integrating applications, data, B2B ecosystem, and IoT systems.

    How do I get started with iPaaS?

    After connecting to the iPaaS console, you can start creating, deploying, running, managing, and monitoring integration apps to interconnect your systems.

    How does iPaaS integrate the data of complex business logic?

    The integration platform of iPaaS offers no-code or low-code self-delivery capabilities for integrations, effectively coping with complex business scenarios and making it easier for you to quickly integrate systems.

    Does iPaaS store data?

    iPaaS currently does not store business data. It only stores integration running logs to help you view the running status and locate problems.

    How do I view running logs?

    You can view and switch between real-time monitoring and historical logs in the iPaaS console. You can also specify parameters such as log type and time period to view the logs you want.

    How is the message object of iPaaS designed?

    A message is a carrier of runtime data such as metadata in iPaaS and is transferred between components in a flow according to the predefined logic. When a trigger triggers the execution of a flow, it will encapsulate the raw input data into a message and pass it in to a component as parameters. After processing the message, the component will return a new message, which contains the parameters for the next component, and so on until the last component returns the message that contains the return values of the entire flow.
    A message consists of the following parts:
    A message consists of the body of the message (payload), metadata (attributes), variables, and error content.

    What trigger mechanisms does iPaaS support?

    iPaaS currently supports two execution trigger mechanisms: passive data source access triggered at a scheduled time and event-triggered active data source notifications.

    Does iPaaS have a versioning mechanism?

    iPaaS provides versioning capabilities. It supports full-lifecycle management from development and deployment to operation and recall based on your integration business requirements.

    How does iPaaS distinguish between the design and operation stages of integration apps?

    Each integration app has a status, which can be:

    • Editing: The app is currently being designed.
    • Running: The app is currently running.
    • Stopped: A version which was previously running has been stopped.

    An integration app cannot be in both the Running and Editing statuses at the same time.

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