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Set Payload

Last updated: 2023-08-03 17:12:12


    Set Payload is used to set the payload attribute in message. It supports expressions and literals. To enter a literal, select the data type and enter the literal in the input box. To enter an expression, select the any type and write an expression.

    Operation Configuration

    Parameter configuration

    Parameter Data Type Description Required Default Value
    Value any The data to be saved in payload. Yes None

    Configuration page



    The message output by the component is as detailed below:

    message Attribute Value
    payload The data entered by the user.
    • error will be empty if the flow is executed successfully.
    • error will be of dict type and contain the Code and Description fields if the flow fails to be executed. The Code field indicates the error type, and the Description field indicates the error details.
    attribute This attribute inherits the attribute of the previous component.
    variable This attribute inherits the variable of the previous component.

    Data preview


    1. Add a Set Payload component.
    2. Enter the data to be configured.
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