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    Choice is a branch selection statement. Similar to if-else, it is used to execute actions by condition.

    Choice contains two types of branches: conditional branch and default branch. In Choice, you can add multiple conditional branch nodes, each of which contains a Boolean expression. Choice will evaluate the conditional branch nodes one by one until the first Boolean expression meets the condition. Then, it will execute the subflow configured on the conditional branch node. If all When conditions cannot be matched, the action of the default branch will be executed.

    Operation Configuration

    Parameter configuration in expression mode

    On the When node, you can configure a conditional statement to control branch selection.

    Parameter Data Type Description Required Default Value
    Execution condition bool Condition. If the condition is met, the corresponding subflow will be executed. Yes None

    Configuration page in expression mode

    Parameter configuration in list mode

    When configuring multiple comparison conditions on the GUI, you can use the logical operator OR or AND to connect them.

    Parameter Data Type Description Required Default Value
    Value any Value. Yes None
    Condition Enumeration Condition, i.e., comparison operator. Yes None

    Configuration page in list mode

    Data preview


    message input to the subflow

    The entire message of the main flow is inherited.


    The entire message eventually output by the subflow is output, including the error.

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