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Last updated: 2023-05-26 14:14:45
    Tencent Interactive Whiteboard provides a comprehensive digital whiteboard service that enhances interactivity between students and teachers in online classrooms. It offers rich, intuitive features that make class fun and more effective, including interactive graffiti, real-time synchronization, file sharing, media sharing, and file transcoding. It can also record and play back full teaching sessions with whiteboard presentations and audio/video in sync. High scalability and flexible use deliver an interactive teaching experience on par with that of an in-person class, significantly improving the quality of online education.

    Feature overview

    Tencent Interactive Whiteboard provides the following features:
    Interactive whiteboard
    Provides globally connected whiteboard rooms that have ultra low latency and allow multi-person real-time interaction. You can upload files in multiple formats for display and use diverse whiteboard tools.
    Static document transcoding
    Converts documents in various formats (including PPT, PPTX, WORD, and PDF) to images.
    Dynamic document transcoding
    Converts PPT or PPTX documents to web pages, with the animation effects, audios, and videos in the original documents retained.
    Recording and playback 
    Records all whiteboard operations, dynamic PowerPoint documents, and custom events in real time, and plays the recorded videos on different devices. You can fast forward, rewind, and adjust playback speed during the playback of recorded whiteboard room content anytime, anywhere.

    Product features

    Tencent Interactive Whiteboard provides various tools and features to meet your needs in different scenarios.

    Basic features

    Draw with different colors and stroke thicknesses.
    Quickly clear brush strokes.
    Select one or multiple objects for editing.
    Insert text and set its font, font size, and color.
    Basic shapes
    Draw circles, ellipses, rectangles, triangles, diamonds, squares, cylinders, cones, and other basic shapes.
    Custom shapes
    Customize shapes such as experimental instruments and music notes during teaching.
    Straight line
    Insert straight lines.
    Insert arrows.
    Use a laser.
    Erase part or all content.
    Clear all diagram elements on the whiteboard in one click.
    Hand tool
    Drag to move a page.
    Undo and redo
    Quickly undo and redo edits.
    Copy and paste
    Copy and paste content.

    Advanced features

    Document preloading
    Allows you to preload transcoded documents to the local for faster loading of resources such as images.
    File insertion
    Allows you to upload the following files and share the file content on the whiteboard after file transcoding:
    Dynamic presentation files: PPTX, PPT
    Static presentation files: PPTX, PPT
    Word files: DOC, DOCX
    Spreadsheet files: XLS, XLSX
    Image files: JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP
    Audio files: MP3
    Video files: MP4
    H5 files: HTML5
    Other files: PDF, TXT
    Strokes synchronization
    Synchronizes brush strokes on the screens of different persons in real time.
    Permission control APIs
    Allows you to set the permissions on the following operations: Whiteboard: Scroll and zoom Diagram element: Create, edit, move, delete, clear, etc.
    Adaptive whiteboard
    The whiteboard automatically adapts to the size of its parent container.
    Recording and playback
    Records and plays back whiteboard operations
    View mode
    Allows you to set the follower mode to synchronize the anchor view to the audience.
    Cursor tool
    Displays the cursor position, status, and operator's name.
    Allows you to zoom in or out on the page, displays the current percentage, and allows you to return to the original size and position.
    Whiteboard pagination
    Allows you to add multiple whiteboard pages.
    Page control
    Displays the total number of pages and the current page, and allows you to go to the previous page, next page, first page, or last page.
    Allows you to preview multiple pages, insert a blank page, and delete a page.
    File center
    Allows you to manage the files uploaded in whiteboard rooms.
    Custom event
    Allows you to customize the message notification feature for whiteboard rooms.
    Custom global status
    Allows you to maintain the status of online rooms, without worrying about state loss.
    Whiteboard information
    Allows you to query log information including whiteboard ID, whiteboard type, whiteboard page number, content width and height, and shared authentication information.
    File information
    Allows you to query file information including file ID, file type, file page number, content width and height, and shared authentication information.

    Supported platforms

    Tencent Interactive Whiteboard supports a wide range of platforms. The following lists how it is compatible with various platforms:
    SDK and Compatibility
    Demo Source Code
    Supported; iPhone and iPad on iOS 8.0 or later
    Supported; Android 4.2 (API level 17) or later
    Supported; Windows 7 or later
    Supported; Macs on Mac OS X 10.10 or later
    Weixin Mini Program
    Supported; Weixin 6.6.6 or later

    Product strengths

    Ultra low latency, high stability and reliability

    Tencent Cloud's self-developed engine allows users to interact with the whiteboard at a latency as low as 100 ms and enjoy a smooth experience even under poor network conditions. While saving bandwidth resources, Tencent Interactive Whiteboard delivers an interactive teaching experience on par with that of an in-person class.
    Users in different regions can enjoy a smooth user experience thanks to Tencent Cloud's global network nodes and QoS policies (such as nearby access and intelligent routing).
    Global distributed cluster deployment provides double disaster recovery schemes to ensure high availability of services. The room capacity can be configured on demand, and there is no upper limit to concurrency.

    Various features and cross-platform support

    Provides diverse tools that allow multiple users to draw and annotate at the same time. Various features are available, including document sharing, document transcoding, and teaching video recording and playback.
    Available on mainstream online classroom platforms such as Windows, macOS, web, iOS, Android, and Weixin Mini Program.

    Easy to use and expand

    Provides an SDK that supports all platforms and can be quickly integrated with just a few lines of code.

    Recording with whiteboard image and audio/video in sync

    Leverages the industry-leading recording solution to easily record full teaching sessions with whiteboard image and audio/video in sync. This avoids the issues (image and audio/video out of sync and high costs for mixing streams) caused by separate recording of whiteboard image and audio/video.

    Multi-format document transcoding

    Supports static and dynamic transcoding to convert PowerPoint, Word, and PDF files to images or HTML5 pages. Dynamic transcoding can retain animation effects, delivering complete information and better user experience.

    Private deployment

    Supports deployment in various modes (including private cloud and hybrid cloud) and the active-active architecture. Data is transferred through encrypted channels to guarantee data security and integrity.

    Use cases

    Online education

    Tencent Interactive Whiteboard is widely used in class scenarios such as online STEAM education, vocational education, language training, enterprise training, and school lectures. It enhances interactivity between students and teachers in online classrooms. Teachers can present teaching resources, and annotate and highlight content in files while students follow along and interact in real time.

    Remote meeting

    Tencent Interactive Whiteboard is widely used in industry-specific scenarios such as remote meetings, digital government, and remote healthcare. It can display files in many formats online during remote meetings to make presentations more lively and communication more efficient. Cloud-based collaboration, annotation, review, and minutes taking enable users to exchange ideas and highlights directly for better communication.

    Financial interview

    Tencent Interactive Whiteboard is widely used by digital finance services for video-based contract signing, remote attestation, and signature confirmation, with businesses processed remotely to meet financial regulatory requirements. Signing parties can provide their signatures online, and signed documents are encrypted for storage.

    In-game social networking

    Tencent Interactive Whiteboard is widely used in gaming scenarios such as Draw Something and interactive graffiti. Many brush tools are available. Users can draw together for better interaction, and graffiti online to unleash their creativity. Highlight interactions can also be recorded.
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