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Billing Overview

Last updated: 2024-03-28 09:39:01
    The following fees are based on the billing rules of TIW. When TIW is used, other cloud products are often used as well. For specific usage restrictions and billing rules, please refer to the corresponding product documentation.
    1. IM: TIW by default uses IM for the transmission of interactive signaling, such as graffiti. However, you may choose to use the Custom Signaling Channel. If you choose to use IM, please refer to Usage Restriction for usage limits and Pricing Details for billing particulars.
    2. TRTC: In-class recording of TIW may require accessing the TRTC room where whiteboard and audio-visual interactions are mixed and recorded. Furthermore, whiteboard streaming pushes the whiteboard visuals to the TRTC room.
    3. COS: Post-transcoding, TIW uploads the documents and recorded videos to COS. For details regarding the billing rules of COS, please refer to Billing Overview.
    4. CDN: For scenarios with widespread distribution and download of the same video/document, to decrease access latency and increase availability, it is recommended to accelerate access to COS using CDN. For details regarding CDN billing, please refer to Billing Overview.
    5. CI: The New Transcoding Solution utilizes document preview capabilities of CI.

    Free Quota

    User Object
    Free Time
    Free Quota
    How to Obtain
    New User
    15 days after the service is activated
    Activate TIW to get a 15-day trial. Proceed to enable the experience.
    1. During the free trial period, you can enjoy unlimited access to TIW SDK, document transcoding (including static and dynamic transcoding), real-time recording, etc. However, if you use COS to store your transcoded documents, real-time recording resources, etc., you may incur COS charges. For the free quota of COS and detailed billing strategy, please refer to COS Purchase Guide.
    2. If you use Tencent Cloud IM as the data synchronization channel for TIW, please refer to Usage Limits for relevant limitations, and Pricing for relevant billing information of IM.

    Billing Mode

    The billable items for TIW include monthly feature fee, TIW usage duration, the number of document transcoding pages and in-class recording duration.
    TIW offers two billing methods:
    1. Prepaid: Monthly feature fee + prepaid resource packages (TIW usage duration, the number of document transcoding pages and in-class recording duration).
    2. Postpaid: Monthly feature fee + daily pay-as-you-go (TIW usage duration, the number of document transcoding pages, in-class recording duration).
    As shown below:
    For detailed TIW pricing, see the document Product Pricing.
    Billable Item
    Service Description
    Billing Mode
    Billing Overview
    Monthly Feature Fee
    To utilize the services of TIW, you must first purchase the monthly feature fee, as each month you'll be granted a certain free tier of TIW usage feature:
    TIW usage duration: 10,000 minutes
    In-class recording duration: 1,000 minutes
    Number of document transcoding pages: 15,000 pages
    TIW Usage Duration
    Supports basic graffiti tools, such as paintbrushes, mouse cursors, laser pointers, and erasers.
    Supports standard shapes, such as solid and dashed straight lines, hollow and solid ellipses, as well as hollow and solid rectangles.
    Supports background settings, including background color, background image, and HTML5 background.
    Supports multi-line text entry, with options to adjust text color, font, and size.
    Supports frame selection, move and zoom functionalities, diverse gestures, and undo/redo operations.
    Supports custom whiteboard ratio settings and various content adaptation modes.
    Supports advanced capabilities such as pen tip enhancements, whiteboard snapshots, and video playback.
    Number of Document Transcoding Pages
    Dynamic document transcoding supports converting PPT/PPTX files into HTML5, maintaining the animations in the original PPT/PPTX files.
    Static document transcoding supports converting a variety of formats such as PPT/PPTX/DOC/DOCX/PDF into static images, enabling the presentation of the courseware on the whiteboard.
    Duration of In-Class Recording
    The in-class recording service allows you to record the entire process of each class, fulfilling business scenarios such as class quality analysis and student review.
    Supports the simultaneous respective recording of each audio and video, as well as whiteboard picture, aligning the sound with the picture between audio/video and whiteboard.

    Related Documents

    For prepayment and postpayment product pricing of billing items, see Product Pricing.
    For guidance on buying the monthly function fee and the resource packages, refer to the Purchase Guide.
    If you still have inquiries about TIW billing, see Billing FAQs for answers.
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