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Whiteboard Duration Billing Explanation

Last updated: 2024-03-27 17:43:05

    Method of Usage Statistics Collection

    The duration of the TIW whiteboard is cumulatively calculated based on the whiteboard usage duration for each whiteboard user in the classroom. As long as the whiteboard is initialized, regardless of whether any operations have been performed on the whiteboard, it will be considered as whiteboard usage and charges will apply, even for solely watching.
    TIW begins on the hour with each minute serving as a statistical interval. If a user's usage within this interval falls short of a minute, it will be estimated as one minute.
    For Android/iOS/H5/Mini Programs: Billing will cease 3 minutes after moving to the background and will recommence upon returning to the foreground.
    For Web: Billing stops when the page is minimized or switched away from for 3 minutes, and resumes once you return to the desktop.
    For macOS: Billing is paused 3 minutes after minimizing, and reinitiates once you return to the desktop.
    For Windows: Billing commences upon initialization of the whiteboard.
    On all platforms, billing ceases immediately upon whiteboard termination.


    The TIW usage duration billing method is divided into prepaid (resources package) and postpaid (daily pay-as-you-go). For the resources package list, see the Product Pricing document. The postpaid unit price is $1.50 per thousand minutes, with daily deductions for postpaid usage as detailed in the table below:
    Billing Item
    Unit Price
    Billing Cycle
    TIW usage duration
    1.50 USD/thousand minutes
    Daily pay-as-you-go billing


    Example 1: For a lesson with a duration of 40 minutes, where there are 1000 students and teachers participating throughout, the TIW usage duration would be: 1000 x 40 = 40,000 minutes.
    Example 2: For a 40-minute lesson with three participants (one teacher, student A, and student B), where the teacher takes part for the full duration, student A participates for 30 minutes, and student B participates for 20 minutes, the TIW usage duration would be: 40 + 30 + 20 = 90 minutes.
    Example 3: For a 20-minute lesson starting at exactly 10:00, the teacher participates for the whole duration and Student A enters at 10:15 and exits at 10:17. Thus, Student A is counted as participating for 2 minutes between 10:15 and 10:17. The TIW usage duration for this lesson is calculated as: 20 (teacher's participation duration) + 2 (Student A's participation duration) = 22 minutes.

    Whiteboard Duration Service Activation and Purchase

    For comprehensive information on purchasing whiteboard duration services, please consult the Purchase Guide.
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