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In-Class Recording Billing Description

Last updated: 2024-03-27 18:06:12

    Method of Usage Statistics

    The duration of in-class recording is cumulatively calculated based on the length of successfully recorded videos.
    1. Given that mixed-stream recording is based on single-stream recording, three types of videos are produced after a mixed-stream recording ends: videos of whiteboard, audio-visual, and mixed-stream. The duration of the mixed-stream recording does not include the duration of single-stream recordings such as whiteboards and audio-visuals. Therefore, if mixed-stream recording is enabled, the recorded output will include individual whiteboard and audio-visual stream videos along with a mixed-stream video; the duration of each video type is calculated separately.
    2. Currently, the video duration produced by real-time mixed-stream recording is not subject to charges. Prior to initiating formal charging, you will be notified via internal messages, SMS, or other channels. It is advisable to pay close attention to the charging methods, balance changes, and make business adjustments accordingly and promptly.
    3. In-class recording requires a user to join both the whiteboard and audio-visual rooms to record the whiteboard visuals and audio-visual streams. This recording user will also generate the corresponding duration of whiteboard usage or the duration of audio and visual calls, which are chargeable. For more information, please refer to Whiteboard Duration Billing Information and TRTC Billing Overview.


    The billing methods for in-class recording duration are divided into prepaid (resource packages) and postpaid (daily pay-as-you-go). For the list of resource packs, please refer to the Product Pricing documentation. The postpaid unit price is $7.00 per thousand minutes, with charges applied on a daily basis for postpaid usage as shown in the table below:
    Billable Item
    Unit Price
    Billing Cycle
    In-class recording duration
    7.00 USD/thousand minutes
    Daily pay-as-you-go billing


    Example: A lecture is being recorded for its full duration of 40 minutes, with screen push and TRTC enabled. The student with the username being ios_test1 turns on the camera to participate for 30 minutes, while the teacher with the username bring pc_test1 participates for the entire class. The resulting recording follows the schedule below:
    { "RoomId":1234,
    "TotalTime": 2400,
    Hence, the cumulative duration of recordings during the class is 30 minutes + 40 minutes + 40 minutes = 110 minutes.
    The calculation is divided into three parts:
    1. The duration of the camera video (VideoType being 0) of student ios_test1 is 30 minutes.
    2. The duration of the camera video (VideoType being 0) of teacher pc_test1 is 40 minutes.
    3. The duration of the whiteboard recording video (VideoType being 2) is 40 minutes.

    Activation and Purchase of In-Class Recording Services

    For detailed information on the activation and purchase of in-class recording services, please refer to the purchase guide.
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