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Product Pricing

Last updated: 2024-03-27 17:38:57

    Monthly Feature Fee Pricing

    The monthly feature fee applies to all TIW applications. Only one monthly feature fee is required for a Tencent Cloud account. Within the validity period of the monthly feature fee, a certain amount of free TIW usage will be given each month. The detailed pricing is shown in the table below:
    Billing Item
    Unit Price
    Validity Period
    Monthly Free Amount
    Monthly Feature Fee
    100.00 USD/month
    Purchase by period, from the date of activation to the same date of the following month.
    TIW usage duration: 10,000 minutes
    In-class recording duration: 1,000 minutes
    15,000 pages of document transcoding

    Resource Package Pricing

    A TIW resource package represents a prepaid solution where you purchase TIW resources upfront and utilize them later. Each level of resource package includes a certain amount of TIW usage duration, document transcoding pages, and in-class recording duration.
    Billing mode: Prepaid
    A package becomes effective immediately after purchase with a validity of one year. It is crucial to utilize the resources within the resource package during its validity period, as they become unavailable upon expiration.
    The validity period of each resource package is calculated individually. Thus, the validity periods of multiple packages will not amalgamate.
    The user's usage of the whiteboard function is initially offset by the free amount granted by the monthly function fee. Once this free quota is depleted, the corresponding resource package kicks in to cover the remaining cost. Usage exceeding the resource package's limits will incur post-paid (pay-as-you-go) charges. To avert suspension of services due to overdue payments, stay informed about your resource package's depletion status, and remember to purchase new packages or secure enough balance in your account in a timely manner.
    Multiple resource packages can be purchased concurrently, allowing for the accumulation of resources within their valid periods. These packages will then be depleted in sequence of their expiration dates, with preferences given to those due earlier.
    The TIW duration call volume included in the resource package may solely be utilized for offsetting the consumption of TIW usage duration.
    The document transcoding page call volume provided in the resource package can be leveraged to offset the number of static and dynamic transcoding pages used. The static transcoding usage is offset at a 1:1 ratio, while dynamic transcoding usage is offset at a 1:39 ratio. Hence, one page of dynamic transcoding deducts 39 pages from the document transcoding page resource package.
    The call volume and pricing details comprised within each level of the TIW resource packages are displayed in the following table:
    Resource Package Name
    TIW Duration (Thousand minutes)
    Number of Document Transcoding Pages (Thousand pages)
    In-Class Recording Duration (Thousand minutes)
    Unit Price (USD)
    Platinum Edition 1.0
    Platinum Edition 2.0
    Enterprise Edition 1.0
    Enterprise Edition 2.0
    Advanced Edition 1.0
    Advanced Edition 2.0
    Basic Edition 1.0
    Basic Edition 2.0

    Document Transcoding Page Calculation Ratio

    Document Transcoding Type
    Document Transcoding Page Calculation Ratio
    Static transcoding (Document to image)
    1 : 1
    Dynamic transcoding (Document to webpage)
    1 : 39

    Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

    Once the monthly free quota and valid packages have been fully utilized, Tencent Interactive Whiteboard (TIW) will bill the excess usage based on the actual usage, charging the user's account on a daily basis. The details of the pay-as-you-go pricing are as follows:
    Billable Item
    Unit Price
    Billing Cycle
    Tencent Interactive Whiteboard usage duration
    1.50 USD/thousand minutes
    Daily settlement on a pay-as-you-go basis
    Number of pages for document transcoding (static transcoding)
    0.38 USD/1,000 pages
    Daily settlement on a pay-as-you-go basis
    In-class recording duration
    7.00 USD/thousand minutes
    Daily settlement on a pay-as-you-go basis
    The actual fee of dynamic transcoding is 39x times that of static transcoding. During billing, Tencent Whiteboard's billing system will convert the dynamic transcoding usage into static transcoding usage, that is, total pages of dynamic transcoding × 39.
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