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Product Strengths

Last updated: 2023-12-24 09:27:39

    Central Management of Enterprise Accounts

    Tencent Cloud provides a solution for centrally managing enterprise accounts. With Control Center, accounts are classified into two types: core accounts and business accounts. This enables a clear division of permissions and enables enterprises to rapidly setup necessary accounts, helping them quickly design a multi-account environment following Tencent Cloud's best practices.

    Finance Management

    A corporate group usually has multiple subsidiaries, each of which has several cloud accounts, making account management complex. Tencent Cloud offers a solution that provides two payment modes and several financial permissions for finance personnel to manage multiple cloud accounts in a unified way.

    Permissions Management

    Each account may have multiple sub-accounts, and permissions can quickly become difficult to configure and manage as the organization becomes more complex. Mismanagement can easily lead to account information leakage or complicated permission revocations. Control Center addresses these issues by integrating the enterprise admin account and internal accounts. Employees can log in to the Tencent Cloud console with single sign-on (SSO). The admin account can allocate Cloud Access Management (CAM) roles with specific permissions to sub-users, and sub-users can view the roles allocated to them.

    Log Collection and Auditing

    By configuring a landing zone in Control Center, enterprise administrators can quickly set up account log management and specify where logs are sent. With simple configurations, administrators can continuously collect audit logs from numerous accounts. A multi-account log management system that covers log generation, collection, retention, analysis, and alerting can also be created by using Control Center together with other Tencent Cloud products such as Tencent Cloud Organization, CloudAudit, and CLS.
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