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Multi-Account Financial Management

Last updated: 2023-12-24 09:45:13

    Customer Background

    A corporate group customer hosts several subsidiaries on Tencent Cloud, each of which has multiple Tencent Cloud accounts. The customer centrally manages the cloud expenses of all subsidiaries and settles reimbursements based on actual expenses.


    By contacting sales, the customer has configured pay-on-behalf for accounts under the group entity and applied for extra discounts for accounts under subsidiary entities. The customer regularly tops up the accounts and periodically issues invoices and views bills for each account.

    Customer Challenges

    Complex operations: Finance personnel must regularly make payments, view bills, and issue invoices for each cloud account.
    Long application cycle: The customer has to contact sales to apply for discounts for any new account, and the review process is long.
    Management difficulties: The financial relationships between accounts are invisible, and no self-service management tools or capabilities are provided.

    Solution Overview

    Tencent Cloud offers a solution for finance personnel to manage multiple cloud accounts. A corporate group has multiple subsidiaries, each of which has several cloud accounts, making account management complex. This solution provides two payment modes and several financial permissions for finance personnel of direct customers to manage multiple cloud accounts in a unified way.
    Configuring admin accounts: An admin account is configured for each entity within a corporate group.
    Configuring the pay-on-behalf policy: In each entity, the admin account handles payments for all member accounts.
    Managing funds: The admin account of the group is topped up, and funds are then allocated to admin accounts of entities within the group.
    Bill viewing, fund viewing, and invoicing are performed for all accounts in a unified way.
    Supported financial management modes and permissions:
    Two payment modes: Pay-on-behalf and self-pay.
    Six permissions: Viewing bills, viewing balance, allocating funds, invoicing, consolidated billing, and discount inheritance.
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