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Last updated: 2023-12-27 10:43:01

    Operation scenarios

    VPC can help the creation of VPC instances, with the configurations including IP address range, routing tables, and gateways and so on., which can effectively lower the use threshold for network configuration.


    The VPC baselines have been added. For the operation of adding a baseline, please refer to Adding Baselines.


    1. Navigate to the Control Center > and Baselines page. Click Configure of the VPC baseline.
    2. On the baselines/VPC page, select the region that the VPC belongs to. Enter the VPC name, network segment, and subnet information.
    Before the member account applies the VPC baseline, the VPC configuration information can be modified. However, the VPC configuration that has been applied in the member account cannot be modified.
    For the region that the VPC belongs to, select the region closest to the user's location first, which can enhance the download speed.
    For subnet availability zone, select the new availability zones first, such as Guangzhou Zone 2 to 7, with a preference for Guangzhou Zone 7.
    3. After that, click Confirm to finish the settings for the VPC baselines.
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