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Viewing a Landing Zone

Last updated: 2023-12-24 09:30:22


    In Tencent Cloud Control Center, a landing zone provides a top-level framework for enterprise cloud migration. It enables enterprises to rapidly establish a cloud environment aligned with best practices. If you haven't set up a landing zone, you can refer to the document for landing zone configuration. This document describes the resulting page after a landing zone is set up.


    You have logged in to the Tencent Cloud console and set up a landing zone.


    Viewing existing configurations

    In the Tencent Cloud console, go to the Control Center > Landing zone page. The configurations that have been set up are displayed on the left side of the page. You can click a configuration to view its setup history in detail.

    Continuing landing zone setup

    Click Continue setup in the top-right corner to complete the setup of the landing zone.
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