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Control Center Overview

Last updated: 2023-12-24 10:29:44

    Overview Modules

    The Overview page of the Control Center console comprises six modules: Organization overview, Security rules, Finance, Related services, User guides, and Best practices.

    Organization overview

    The Organization overview module displays the number of departments, accounts, entities, and permissions within the organization that the current account belongs to. For information about operations, see Viewing Accounts.

    Security rules

    The Security rules module displays the total number of security rules and that of enabled security rules. For information about operations, see Viewing Security Rules.


    The Finance module shows the total expenses and cost breakdown information for the current month. By clicking an account name, you can view the details of the account. The module also displays the number of paid-on-behalf accounts and self-paying accounts within the organization.

    Related services

    The Related services module displays other services relevant to Control Center, such as Account management, Cloud Access Management, CloudAudit, Tencent Cloud Config, and Cloud Security Center. By clicking a service name, you will be directed to the respective service page.

    User guides

    The User guides module displays the operations documentation for Control Center. By clicking a user guide, you will be directed to the corresponding document.

    Best practices

    The Best practices module displays the best practices for using Control Center.
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