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Preset tags

Last updated: 2023-12-27 10:46:42

    Operation scenarios

    Preset tags can carry out efficient resource planning. Set the tag baselines to provide batch tags for member accounts.


    Presetting tag baselines has been added. For instructions on adding baselines, please refer to Adding Baselines.


    1. Navigate to the Control center > Baselines page, click Configure of the tag baselines presetting.
    2. On the Baselines/Preset tags page, input the Tag key and Tag value to complete the entry of tag content. Click Add tag key to add multiple Tag keys and Tag values. The overall Tag strategy does not surpass 30 tag values.
    Upon entering a Tag value, pressing the enter key will generate the Tag value.
    Under the same Tag key, it is impossible to enter the same Tag value.
    3. Upon completion of filling out the form, click Save to finish the preset tag baseline settings.
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