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Multi-Account Log Collection and Auditing

Last updated: 2023-12-24 09:48:02


    Enterprise administrators need to frequently review cloud operation logs for operation tracing, troubleshooting, and O&M monitoring of cloud resources.
    Cloud operation logs must be retained for at least 180 days in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

    Customer Challenges

    Logs must be collected from each account for compliance auditing, which is complex.
    Dispersed logs also make log collection, analysis, monitoring, and alerting extremely complex.

    Solution Overview

    With this solution, administrators can continuously collect audit logs from multiple accounts after completing configuration in just a few clicks. They can also create a multi-account log management system covering log generation, collection, retention, analysis, and alerting, by using Control Center together with other Tencent Cloud products such as Tencent Cloud Organization (TCO), CloudAudit, and Cloud Log Service (CLS).
    When using CloudAudit to manage logs of multiple accounts, the administrators can apply a tracking set configuration to all member accounts.
    Operation logs within each cloud account are retained for 180 days and can be shipped to Cloud Object Storage (COS) and CLS for long-term storage.
    The logs shipped to CLS can be used for analysis and alerting.
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