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Use Cases

Last updated: 2023-12-24 09:28:01

    Planning Before Cloud Migration

    Before a large enterprise migrates to the cloud, its administrator must make proper plans for account structure, permissions, financial policies, and compliance audit rules. This can improve cloud migration efficiency, streamline cloud operations, and mitigate potential management risks.
    Tencent Cloud Control Center enables enterprises to rapidly set up standard cloud environments through landing zones following best practices. This can help enterprises improve management efficiency, mitigate risks, and safeguard the security and compliance of cloud environments.

    Standardized Management After Cloud Migration

    For a large enterprise that has migrated its business to Tencent Cloud, as cloud-based business grows, the variety of accounts and resources continuously increases, making them more difficult to manage.
    A range of new challenges present themselves, such as how to plan accounts, manage employee permissions, efficiently control the cost of cloud resources, and centrally manage and audit cloud operations.
    Taking into account both best practices and the enterprise's current deployment, Control Center offers guidance on account structure, financial policies, permissions, compliance auditing, and cloud security to help enterprises optimize the cloud environment, manage multiple accounts in a standardized way, and establish a secure and compliant cloud environment.
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