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Configuring a Landing Zone

Last updated: 2023-12-24 10:24:39


    In Tencent Cloud Control Center, a landing zone provides a top-level framework for enterprise cloud migration. It enables enterprises to rapidly establish a cloud environment aligned with best practices. You can configure the organizational structure, core accounts, financial policies, security rules, and compliance auditing in a landing zone in a few simple steps. This document describes how to quickly configure a landing zone.


    1. Log in to the Tencent Cloud console and go to the Control Center page.
    2. Click Configure landing zone. If this is the first time you use this feature, you need to grant Control Center the permissions to create roles and call other cloud service interfaces.
    3. On the Landing zone page, you can add or delete configurations and click a configuration to specify its details. Completed configurations are marked with
    Click Add configuration to add a configuration.
    To set up the department configuration, see Managing Departments.
    To set up the core account configuration, see Managing Core Accounts.
    To set up the financial policy configuration, see Configuring Financial Policies.
    To set up the security rule configuration, see Managing Security Rules.
    To set up the permission configuration, see Managing Permissions.
    To set up the CloudAudit log shipping configuration, see Managing CloudAudit Log Shipping.
    To invite existing accounts, see Inviting Existing Accounts.
    Manage departments, Manage core accounts, and Configure financial policy are mandatory configurations and cannot be deleted.
    To delete a configuration, click
    next to the configuration.
    If you fail to set up a configuration, you cannot delete the configuration.
    4. After all configurations are set up, click Next: Preview or Save draft for future submission.
    5. On the Preview page, if any modifications are required, click Previous to return to the Add configuration page. If the information is accurate, click Apply.
    6. After all configurations are applied, the landing zone is set up. If any failures occur, view the error message and click Edit to modify the configurations with failures.
    7. To set up more configurations, go to the Landing zone page and click Continue setup.
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