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Monitoring Metrics

Last updated: 2023-03-06 10:55:02

    This document describes the common monitoring metrics supported by TencentDB for SQL Server.

    Monitoring Metrics

    TencentDB for SQL Server supports monitoring 38 common metrics of SQL Server. You can collect statistics of other metrics by configuring the performance counters of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).


    To view monitoring metrics at the system level, contact us.

    CategoryMetric NameMetric NameUnitDescription
    CPU Total processor timeTotal Processor Time%Actual CPU utilization
    Memory Memory usageServer memoryMBUsed size of the total memory
    Max memoryMax memoryKBMaximum memory
    Memory utilizationMemory Usage%Memory utilization
    Internally locked memoryTotal Allocated MemoryKBytesLocked memory of internal systems

    This metric is available only for version 2014 and later.

    Internally used memoryTotal Used MemoryKBytesUsed memory of internal systems

    This metric is available only for version 2014 and later.

    Storage Disk IOPSIOPScounts/secNumber of disk reads/writes
    Disk readsRead IOPScounts/secNumber of disk reads per second
    Disk writesWrite IOPScounts/secNumber of disk writes per second
    Used storage spaceStorage SpaceGBSum of space used by instance database files and log files
    Free storage spaceFree storage%Percentage of free disk space calculated in the following way: (purchased disk space - used storage space) / purchased disk space
    Avg read IO response timeAvg. Disk Sec/ReadmsAverage response time of each read IO (monitoring at the system level)
    Avg write IO response timeAvg. Disk Sec/WritemsAverage response time of each write IO (monitoring at the system level)
    Avg IO response timeAvg. Disk sec/TransfermsAverage response time of each IO request (monitoring at the system level)
    Disk read IO per secDisk Reads/seccounts/secNumber of disk read IO per second (monitoring at the system level)
    Disk write IO per secDisk Writes/seccounts/secNumber of disk write IO per second (monitoring at the system level)
    Total disk IOPSDisk Transfers/seccounts/secNumber of total disk IOPS (monitoring at the system level)
    Disk queue lengthDisk Queue Length-Disk queue length (monitoring at the system level)
    Network Inbound trafficNetwork Receive ThroughputKB/sSum of all inbound packets of all connections
    Outbound trafficNetwork Transmit ThroughputKB/sSum of all outbound packets of all connections
    Average network IO delayNetwork IO waitsmsAverage network IO delay time
    Read-only replica delayRead-only replica delaySecondData replica delay between the primary and replica instance
    Connection User connectionsUser Connections-Average number of user connections to database per second
    Logins/secLogins/seccounts/secNumber of logins per second
    Logouts/secLogouts/seccounts/secNumber of logouts per second
    Access Slow queriesSlowQuery-Number of queries running for more than one second
    RequestsBatch Requestscounts/secAverage number of requests per second
    SQL compilationsSQL Compilations/seccounts/secAverage number of SQL compilations per second
    SQL re-compilationsSQL Re-Compilations/seccounts/secAverage number of SQL re-compilations per second
    Full scans/secFull Scans/seccounts/secNumber of full scans per second
    TransactionsTransactions/seccounts/secNumber of transactions per second
    Processes blockedProcesses blocked-Current number of processes blocked
    Plan cache hit ratioPlan Cache: Cache Hit Ratio%Hit ratio of the execution plan of each SQL
    Buffer cache hit ratioBuffer cache hit ratio%Buffer cache (memory) hit ratio
    Lock Lock requestsLock Requests/seccounts/secAverage number of lock requests per second
    Latch waits/secLatch Waits/seccounts/secNumber of latch waits per second
    Average wait timeAverage wait timeMsAverage wait time for each lock request that causes a wait
    DeadlocksNumber of deadlocks/seccounts/secNumber of lock requests that cause deadlocks per second
    Blocked process thresholdBlocked process thresholdsec This is the specified threshold for generating a blocked process report. If it is exceeded, a blocked process report will be generated. By default, no blocked process reports will be generated
    Others User errorsUser Error/seccounts/secAverage number of errors per second
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