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Last updated: 2022-08-09 21:43:07

    Global SMS provides various services such as SMS verification code, system notification, and event notification, meeting your diverse needs in basic services and marketing campaigns.

    Customizable Signatures

    An SMS signature placed at the beginning of your message lets recipients quickly see your company name, product name, or business name. You can use the name or abbreviation of your company, trademark, product, or website as the signature.

    Message Templates

    You can create templates to send verification codes, system notifications, promotional information, and other messages. Templates feature customizable variable parameters that allow you to make messages more personalized for your users.

    Message Delivery

    After your message template and SMS signature are approved, you can send messages to recipients across the world conveniently via the SMS console, API, or SDK.

    Message Status

    The SMS console allows you to easily check the status of each message you send, including the success or failure rate and the actual number of message fragments in each message.

    Unauthorized Usage Protection

    Global SMS allows you to set alarms for excessive daily message traffic. If a user sends excessive messages, the system will send an alarm to specified alarm recipients, helping you reduce or avoid losses caused by potential unauthorized usage.
    Up to 1,000 Global SMS messages can be sent per day under one Tencent Cloud account. If you need to adjust this limit, please submit a ticket.

    Statistical Reports

    You can get comprehensive statistics for messages sent during certain time periods, including message volume, delivery rate based on templates, failure details, and view records of messages delivered to specific mobile numbers.

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