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Last updated: 2022-08-26 11:27:48

Status Pull APIs

API Name Feature
PullSmsReplyStatus Pulls SMS reply status
PullSmsReplyStatusByPhoneNumber Pulls SMS reply status for one single number
PullSmsSendStatus Pulls SMS delivery status
PullSmsSendStatusByPhoneNumber Pulls SMS delivery status for one single number

SMS Template APIs

API Name Feature
AddSmsTemplate Adds SMS template
DeleteSmsTemplate Deletes SMS template
DescribeSmsTemplateList Queries SMS template status
ModifySmsTemplate Modifies SMS template

SMS Mobile Number APIs

API Name Feature
DescribePhoneNumberInfo Queries mobile number information

SMS Statistics APIs

API Name Feature
CallbackStatusStatistics Collects statistics on receipts
SendStatusStatistics Collects statistics on SMS delivery

SMS Delivery APIs

API Name Feature
SendSms Sends SMS messages

SMS Signature APIs

API Name Feature
AddSmsSign Adds SMS signature
DeleteSmsSign Deletes SMS signature
DescribeSmsSignList Queries SMS signature status
ModifySmsSign Modifies SMS signature

SMS Conversion Rate APIs

API Name Feature
ReportConversion Reports the SMS conversion rate
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