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Last updated: 2022-04-28 14:37:53

SDK 3.0 is a companion tool for the TencentCloud API 3.0 platform. You can use all SMS APIs through the SDK. The new SDK version is unified and features the same SDK usage, API call methods, error codes, and returned packet formats for different programming languages.
Relevant documentation and SDK source code can be obtained as follows:

Platform SDK Documentation GitHub Address
Java SDK for Java documentation SDK for Java
PHP SDK for PHP documentation SDK for PHP
Python SDK for Python documentation SDK for Python
JavaScript SDK for Node.js documentation SDK for Node.js
C# SDK for C# documentation SDK for C#
Go SDK for Go documentation SDK for Go
C++ SDK for C++ documentation C++ SDK

  • All the SMS SDKs in this document are on the latest 3.0 version, and new SMS features will be updated here. You are strongly recommended to use SDK 3.0 and the supportive API 3.0.
  • Existing APIs and SDKs on version 2.0 are still available but may be disused in the future.
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