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Sending Messages

Last updated: 2024-02-20 11:19:02


    The SMS body template has been approved.
    If you want to include a signature in the message, you need to have an approved SMS signature.


    1. Log in to the SMS Console.
    2. Select Global SMS > Bulk SMS on the left sidebar and click Create Bulk SMS Sending Task.
    3. Configure the following parameters as needed:
    Template Name: select an approved body template to be used (different templates are distinguished by template name).
    Signature Name(Option): select an approved SMS signature to be used (different signatures are distinguished by signature name), which is optional.
    Sending Time: select Send now or Send by schedule.
    Recipient: click Template Download, enter recipient's mobile number and custom SMS content in the form, and click Click here to upload it. The maximum form size supported is 30 MB.
    Up to 100 Global SMS messages(Actual number of billed submissions) can be sent per day under one Tencent Cloud account.
    For users whose SMS service activation date is before July 31, 2023, the default daily sending limit is 1000. If you need to adjust it, you can contact your Tencent Cloud Business Manager or submit a ticket.
    Recipient's Mobile Number
    SMS Content Variable 1
    SMS Content Variable 2
    SMS Content Variable N
    Example: 139xxxxxxxx
    Instructions: please enter the mobile numbers of recipients. All the mobile numbers in one single SMS sending must be registered outside the Chinese Mainland. The cells need to be in a regular format, i.e., without any specific number formats.
    Example: test company A
    Instructions: please enter the first custom variable content according to the body template, i.e., replacing {1} in the template.
    Example: server B Instructions: please enter the second custom variable content according to the body template, i.e., replacing {2} in the template.
    Example: 100 USD
    Instructions: please enter the Nth custom variable content according to the body template, i.e., replacing {N} in the template.
    Application: select the application that needs to send the SMS.
    4. Click OK.
    5. Check the number of recipients, indicate your consent to the prompt about fees, and click Send.
    You can view the status of the task in the Delivery Records list. When the status is sent, the task has been completed.

    Subsequent Operations

    You can view the SMS delivery result in the following ways:
    On the Global SMS > Bulk SMS page, click Details & Report Analysis on the line of the target task to view its detailed record and report analysis.
    Select Business Statistics > Global SMS and you can filter and view the statistics and relevant analysis of Global SMS by application, signature, body template, and time.

    Related Documentation

    You can also send SMS via APIs or SDKs. For detailed directions, please see API documentation or SDK documentation.
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