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Adding Domain

Last updated: 2023-05-10 16:57:32


    You can add a domain and validate it for approved certificate administrator information, so that you can skip domain validation during certificate application to accelerate the process.


    No domain can be added for certificate administrator information that has not been approved.


    • Log in to the SSL Certificate Service console and click My Profile on the left sidebar to enter the management page.

    • The administrator information has been approved.


    1. On the My Profile page, click the target organization name to view the information of administrators that have been applied for.

    2. Click the target administrator name to enter the Review Information page.

    3. Click Domain Information > Add Domain to enter the management page.

    4. In the Domain Information module, enter the target domain and click Next.

    5. In the Domain validation module, enable automatic validation and select the validation method as needed.

    • Automatic validation: It is enabled by default. After validation parameters are configured, this option avoids repeated validation operations during certificate renewal.

    • Validation method: It is subject to the status of Automatic validation.

    • Enable automatic validation: You can select either of the following validation methods as needed:

    • Automatic DNS validation: Configuring CNAME records can ensure continuous domain validation. For detailed directions, see Automatic DNS Validation.

    • Automatic file validation: Configuring reverse proxies can ensure continuous domain validation. For detailed directions, see Automatic File Validation.

    • Disable automatic validation: You can select one of the three validation methods as needed:

    • Automatic DNS addition: Tencent Cloud will automatically add DNS records for you.


      This option is available only for DNSPod domains.

    • DNS validation: You need to manually add a DNS record for the domain as instructed in DNS Validation.

    • File validation: You need to create the specified file in the root directory of the domain to verify your ownership as instructed in File Validation.

    1. Click Next and complete domain validation as prompted. Here, Automatic DNS validation is selected as an example.

    2. After adding the corresponding DNS record, click Validate to check whether the configuration is correct and has taken effect.


      The domain identity verification will be completed after the CA scans and approves the record.

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