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Last updated: 2020-08-27 15:34:08

Tencent Cloud Load Balancer (CLB) is a secure and fast traffic distribution service. Inbound traffic can be automatically distributed to multiple CVM instances in the cloud through CLB, improving service capabilities systematically and eliminating single points of failure. CLB supports hundreds of millions of connections and tens of millions of concurrent requests, making it easy to handle high-traffic access and meet demanding business needs.

CLB operations supported by CloudAudit are as shown below:

Operation Name Resource Type Event Name
Binding target group clb AssociateTargetGroups
Automatically rewriting clb AutoRewrite
Unbinding real servers in batches clb BatchDeregisterTargets
Binding real servers in batches clb BatchRegisterTargets
Creating layer-4 CLB listener clb CreateForwardLBFourthLayerListeners
Creating forwarding rule for layer-7 listener clb CreateForwardLBListenerRules
Creating layer-7 CLB listener clb CreateForwardLBSeventhLayerListeners
Creating CLB listener clb CreateListener
Creating CLB instance clb CreateLoadBalancer
Creating CLB listeners clb CreateLoadBalancerListeners
Adding SNAT IP clb CreateLoadBalancerSnatIps
Creating forwarding rule for layer-7 CLB listener clb CreateRule
Creating target group clb CreateTargetGroup
Deleting CLB listener (layer-4 and layer-7) clb DeleteForwardLBListener
Deleting layer-7 CLB listener rule clb DeleteForwardLBListenerRules
Deleting CLB listener clb DeleteListener
Deleting CLB instance clb DeleteLoadBalancer
Deleting CLB listeners clb DeleteLoadBalancerListeners
Deleting CLB instances clb DeleteLoadBalancers
Deleting SNAT IP clb DeleteLoadBalancerSnatIps
Deleting redirection relationship clb DeleteRewrite
Deleting layer-7 CLB listener rule clb DeleteRule
Deleting target group clb DeleteTargetGroups
Unbinding CVM instance from layer-7 listener clb DeregisterInstancesFromForwardLB
Unbinding instance from layer-4 CLB listener clb DeregisterInstancesFromForwardLBFourthListener
Unbinding real server clb DeregisterInstancesFromLoadBalancer
Removing instance from target group clb DeregisterTargetGroupInstances
Unbinding real server registered with CLB listener clb DeregisterTargets
Unbinding real server from classic CLB instance clb DeregisterTargetsFromClassicalLB
Querying the real server information of CLB instance clb DescribeAllLBBackends
Getting the real server health status of classic CLB instance clb DescribeClassicalLBHealthStatus
Getting classic CLB listener list clb DescribeClassicalLBListeners
Getting the list of real servers bound to classic CLB instance clb DescribeClassicalLBTargets
Querying associated instance clb DescribeForwardLBBackends
Querying the health check result of CLB instance clb DescribeForwardLBHealthStatus
Querying CLB listener clb DescribeForwardLBListeners
Querying the health status of CLB instance clb DescribeLBHealthStatus
Querying CLB listener list clb DescribeListeners
Getting the list of real servers of CLB instance clb DescribeLoadBalancerBackends
Getting CLB listener list clb DescribeLoadBalancerListeners
Pulling the application layer log of CLB instance clb DescribeLoadBalancerLog
Getting CLB instance list clb DescribeLoadBalancers
Querying CLB instance details clb DescribeLoadBalancersDetail
Querying redirection relationship clb DescribeRewrite
Getting the list of instances bound to target group clb DescribeTargetGroupInstances
Getting target group list clb DescribeTargetGroupList
Getting target group information clb DescribeTargetGroups
Querying the health status of real server clb DescribeTargetHealth
Querying the list of CVM instances bound to CLB instance clb DescribeTargets
Unbinding target group clb DisassociateTargetGroups
Customizing redirection clb ManualRewrite
Modifying the domain name in layer-7 forwarding rule clb ModifyDomain
Modifying the domain name attribute in layer-7 listener clb ModifyDomainAttributes
Modifying the port of real server bound to layer-4 CLB listener clb ModifyForwardFourthBackendsPort
Modifying the weight of real server bound to layer-4 CLB listener clb ModifyForwardFourthBackendsWeight
Modifying layer-4 CLB listener attribute clb ModifyForwardLBFourthListener
Renaming application CLB instance clb ModifyForwardLBName
Modifying layer-7 listener attribute clb ModifyForwardLBSeventhListener
Modifying real server weight clb ModifyForwardSeventhBackends
Changing real server port clb ModifyForwardSeventhBackendsPort
Upgrading/Degrading configuration of pay-as-you-go CLB instance clb ModifyLBNetwork
Modifying project ID clb ModifyLBProjectId
Modifying CLB listener attribute clb ModifyListener
Modifying CLB instance attribute clb ModifyLoadBalancerAttributes
Modifying real server weight of CLB instance clb ModifyLoadBalancerBackends
Modifying CLB listener clb ModifyLoadBalancerListener
Modifying health check configuration of forwarding rule clb ModifyLoadBalancerRulesProbe
Modifying CLB listener forwarding rule clb ModifyRule
Modifying target group attribute clb ModifyTargetGroupAttribute
Modifying instance port in target group clb ModifyTargetGroupInstancesPort
Modifying instance weight in target group clb ModifyTargetGroupInstancesWeight
Modifying the port of real server bound to listener clb ModifyTargetPort
Modifying the forwarding weight of real server bound to listener clb ModifyTargetWeight
Binding instance to layer-4 CLB listener clb RegisterInstancesWithForwardLBFourthListener
Binding instance to layer-7 listener clb RegisterInstancesWithForwardLBSeventhListener
Binding real server to CLB instance clb RegisterInstancesWithLoadBalancer
Adding instance to target group clb RegisterTargetGroupInstances
Binding real server to listener clb RegisterTargets
Binding real server to classic CLB instance clb RegisterTargetsWithClassicalLB
Replacing old certificate with new one clb ReplaceCert
Modifying the custom configuration of CLB instance clb SetCustomizedConfigForLoadBalancer
Setting CLB log service topic clb SetLoadBalancerClsLog
Setting the cross-region attribute of CLB instance clb SetLoadBalancerCrossRegion
Starting CLB logging clb SetLoadBalancerLog
Binding CLB instance to security group clb SetLoadBalancerSecurityGroups
Binding security group to CLB instance clb SetSecurityGroupForLoadbalancers
Setting security group clb SetSecurityGroups
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