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Last updated: 2021-11-09 11:53:28

Tencent Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF) is an AI-based one-stop web business risk prevention solution. Backed by Tencent Cloud's security big data detection capabilities and 19 years of experience in internal web business protection, it comprehensively protects the security of website systems and businesses through defense policies in multiple dimensions, including web intrusion prevention, zero-day vulnerability patch, malicious access penalty, and cloud backup for anti-tampering.

The following table lists the WAF operations supported by CloudAudit:

Operation Resource Type Event Name
Add anti-tampering URL waf AddAntiFakeUrl
Add information leakage prevention rule waf AddAntiInfoLeakRules
Add API rule waf AddApiRule
Add banned region waf AddAreaBanAreas
Add custom blocking page waf AddBlockPage
Add custom payload waf AddCustomPayload
Add custom policy waf AddCustomRule
Add domain name rule allowlist waf AddDomainWhiteRule
Add Sparta protected domain name waf AddSpartaProtection
Apply custom blocking page to domain name waf ApplyBlockPage
Copy Bot_V2 TCB policy domain name waf CopyBotTCBRule
Copy Bot_V2 UCB custom policy waf CopyBotUCBFeatureRules
Copy Bot_V2 UCB preset policy waf CopyBotUCBPreinstallRule
Add WAF Sparta cache path waf CreateCachePath
Create postpaid CLS instance waf CreateClsForAfterpay
Copy region ban to another domain name waf CreateCopyAreaBan
Copy custom rule to another domain name waf CreateCopyCustomRule
Add domain name for DNS hijacking detection waf CreateDNSDetectDomain
Add protected domain name waf CreateHost
Create business allowlist waf CreateWhiteList
Delete anti-tampering URL waf DeleteAntiFakeUrl
Delete information leakage prevention rule waf DeleteAntiInfoLeakRule
Delete attack log download task record waf DeleteAttackDownloadRecord
Delete custom blocking page waf DeleteBlockPage
Delete WAF CC V2 rule waf DeleteCCRule
Delete WAF Sparta cache path waf DeleteCachePath
Delete custom payload waf DeleteCustomPayloads
Delete custom rule waf DeleteCustomRule
Delete domain name under DNS hijacking detection waf DeleteDNSDetectDomain
Delete domain name rule allowlist waf DeleteDomainWhiteRules
Delete access log download record waf DeleteDownloadRecord
Delete CLB-WAF protected domain name waf DeleteHost
Delete WAF IP blocklist/allowlist waf DeleteIpAccessControl
Delete session settings for CC attack waf DeleteSession
Delete WAF Sparta protected domain name waf DeleteSpartaProtection
Delete business allowlist waf DeleteWhiteList
Refresh anti-tampering URL waf FreshAntiFakeUrl
Manually import API rule waf ImportApiRules
Train model waf ModifyAIModelai
Edit anti-tampering URL waf ModifyAntiFakeUrl
Enable or disable anti-tampering waf ModifyAntiFakeUrlStatus
Enable or disable information leakage prevention rule waf ModifyAntiInfoLeakRuleStatus
Edit information leakage prevention rule waf ModifyAntiInfoLeakRules
Modify region information in region ban waf ModifyAreaBanAreas
Modify region ban status waf ModifyAreaBanStatus
Enable or disable Bot_V2 bot waf ModifyBotStatus
Update Bot_V2 TCB policy waf ModifyBotTCBRule
Update Bot_V2 UCB preset rule waf ModifyBotUCBPreinstallRule
Cache WAF Sparta cache path waf ModifyCachePath
Edit custom rule waf ModifyCustomRule
Enable or disable custom policy waf ModifyCustomRuleStatus
Edit domain name for DNS hijacking detection waf ModifyDNSDetectDomain
Modify rule waf ModifyDomainWhiteRule
Enable or disable access log for domain name list waf ModifyDomainsCLSStatus
Enable or disable WAF for domain name list waf ModifyDomainsStatus
Edit protected domain name waf ModifyHost
Enable or disable access log for domain name waf ModifyHostAccessLogStatus
Set the traffic mode of protected domain name waf ModifyHostFlowMode
Set the protection status of protected domain name waf ModifyHostMode
Enable or disable WAF for protected domain name waf ModifyHostStatus
Enable or disable QPS elastic billing for instance waf ModifyInstanceElasticMode
Enable or disable auto-renewal for instance waf ModifyInstanceRenewFlag
Update frontend defense rule waf ModifyJsInjectRule
Update the status of frontend defense rule waf ModifyJsInjectRuleStatus
Set auto-renewal for package waf ModifyPackageRenew
Change protection level waf ModifyProtectionLevel
Enable or disable WAF Sparta waf ModifyProtectionStatuswaf
Enable or disable auto-renewal for WAF version waf ModifySpartaPackageRenewSparta
Modify domain name configuration waf ModifySpartaProtection
Set WAF protection status waf ModifySpartaProtectionMode
Set webshell status waf ModifyWebshellStatus
Update business allowlist waf ModifyWhiteList
Create attack log search and download task waf PostAttackDownloadTask
Refresh the result of integration check waf RefreshAccessCheckResult
Enable or disable API rule waf SwitchApiRules
Enable or disable domain name rule waf SwitchDomainRules
Enable or disable domain name allowlist waf SwitchDomainWhiteRules
Enable or disable elastic QPS waf SwitchElasticMode
Update Bot_V2 UCB policy waf UpsertBotUCBFeatureRule
Update WAF Sparta automatic CC blocking status waf UpsertCCAutoStatus
Upsert WAF CC V2 waf UpsertCCRule
Specify whether to pass through client IP and port waf UpsertClientMsg
Upsert WAF IP blocklist/allowlist waf UpsertIpAccessControl
Upsert session definition waf UpsertSessionWaf
Query download record waf WafDownloadRecords
Download query log waf WafDownloadlogs
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