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TencentDB for SQL Server

Last updated: 2020-08-27 15:34:11

Licensed by Microsoft, TencentDB for SQL Server continuously provides the latest features and helps you avoid risks with unauthorized software use. It features out-of-the-box usage, high stability, reliability, and security, high-availability architecture, data security protection, failover in a matter of seconds, enabling you to focus more on application development.

TencentDB for SQL Server operations supported by CloudAudit are as shown below:

Operation Name Resource Type Event Name
Immediately completing instance expansion sqlserver CompleteExpansion
Creating account sqlserver CreateAccount
Creating backup sqlserver CreateBackup
Creating database sqlserver CreateDB
Purchasing instance sqlserver CreateDBInstances
Creating migration task sqlserver CreateMigration
Creating publish-subscribe relationship sqlserver CreatePublishSubscribe
Deleting account sqlserver DeleteAccount
Deleting database sqlserver DeleteDB
Deleting publish-subscribe relationship sqlserver DeletePublishSubscribe
Querying account list sqlserver DescribeAccounts
Querying backup list sqlserver DescribeBackups
Querying instance list sqlserver DescribeDBInstances
Querying database list sqlserver DescribeDBs
Querying process status sqlserver DescribeFlowStatus
Querying instance task sqlserver DescribeInstanceTasks
Querying maintainable time window sqlserver DescribeMaintenanceSpan
Querying migration task details sqlserver DescribeMigrationDetail
Querying migration task list sqlserver DescribeMigrations
Querying billing order sqlserver DescribeOrders
Querying sale specification configuration sqlserver DescribeProductConfig
Querying publish-subscribe relationship sqlserver DescribePublishSubscribe
Querying region information sqlserver DescribeRegions
Querying default weight in RO group sqlserver DescribeROGroupAutoWeight
Querying RO replica in RO group sqlserver DescribeROGroupByRoInstance
Querying RO group details sqlserver DescribeROGroupInfo
Querying RO group list sqlserver DescribeROGroupList
Querying the time range available for rollback sqlserver DescribeRollbackTime
Querying slow log list sqlserver DescribeSlowlogs
Querying AZ information sqlserver DescribeZones
Querying the price for purchasing instance sqlserver InquiryPriceCreateDBInstances
Querying the renewal price of instance sqlserver InquiryPriceRenewDBInstance
Querying the upgrade price of instance sqlserver InquiryPriceUpgradeDBInstance
Modifying account permission sqlserver ModifyAccountPrivilege
Modifying account remarks sqlserver ModifyAccountRemark
Modifying the time for cold backup sqlserver ModifyBackupStrategy
Modifying database permission sqlserver ModifyDatabasePrivilege
Modifying instance name sqlserver ModifyDBInstanceName
Modifying instance project sqlserver ModifyDBInstanceProject
Modifying instance renewal flag sqlserver ModifyDBInstanceRenewFlag
Modifying database name sqlserver ModifyDBName
Modifying database remarks sqlserver ModifyDBRemark
Modifying maintainable time window sqlserver ModifyMaintenanceSpan
Modifying the name of publish-subscribe relationship sqlserver ModifyPublishSubscribeName
Modifying RO group information sqlserver ModifyROGroupInfo
Immediately deactivating instance sqlserver OfflineDBInstance
Moving pay-as-you-go instance into recycle bin sqlserver RecoveryPostInstance
Resetting account password sqlserver ResetAccountPassword
Restarting instance sqlserver RestartDBInstance
Restoring cold backup instance sqlserver RestoreInstance
Rolling back instance sqlserver RollbackInstance
Starting migration task sqlserver RunMigration
Terminating instance sqlserver TerminateDBInstance
Upgrading instance sqlserver UpgradeDBInstance
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