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Last updated: 2020-08-27 15:34:13

Cloud Infinite (CI) is a professional integrated image solution provided by Tencent Cloud, covering image upload, download, storage, processing, and recognition and opening up Qzone's decade of image service experience to developers. Currently, it provides various features such as image scaling, cropping, watermarking, transcoding, and content audit and delivers efficient and accurate image recognition and processing services, helping reduce labor costs and truly implement AI.

CI operations supported by CloudAudit are as shown below:

Operation Name Resource Type Event Name
Canceling task ci CancelMediaJob
Creating ASR bucket ci CreateAsrBucket
Creating audit task ci CreateAuditingJobs
Binding bucket ci CreateMediaBucket
Creating task ci CreateMediaJobs
Creating template ci CreateMediaTemplate
Creating workflow ci CreateMediaWorkflow
Unbinding ASR bucket ci DeleteAsrBucket
Unbinding bucket ci DeleteMediaBucket
Deleting template ci DeleteMediaTemplate
Deleting workflow ci DeleteMediaWorkflow
Getting ASR bucket list ci DescribeAsrBuckets
Getting ASR queue ci DescribeAsrQueues
Getting audit task ci DescribeAuditingJobs
Getting bucket ci DescribeMediaBuckets
Getting task ci DescribeMediaJob
Getting task list ci DescribeMediaJobs
Getting queue ci DescribeMediaQueues
Getting template ci DescribeMediaTemplates
Getting workflow execution instance ci DescribeMediaWorkflowExecutions
Getting workflow ci DescribeMediaWorkflows
Modifying ASR queue ci UpdateAsrQueue
Modifying queue ci UpdateMediaQueue
Modifying template ci UpdateMediaTemplate
Updating workflow ci UpdateMediaWorkflow
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