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Last updated: 2022-08-16 09:41:58

    Agility and ease of use

    • Data Lake Compute delivers an out-of-the-box SaaS experience that frees you from specification selection, installation, and fine-tuning.
    • It supports the standard SQL syntax for you to seamlessly switch between multiple engines for easier data analysis.
    • It supports Tencent's many types of cloud-based data infrastructures. This implements multi-source federated analysis of heterogeneous data through a unified data view with no need to load additional data.

    Cost reduction

    • Data Lake Compute leverages a big data analysis architecture with separated storage and computing. It enables fast and flexible deployments based on big data component containerization and implements unlimited expansions and elastic scaling on top of cloud object storage.
    • It is billed in a pay-as-you-go manner to reduce the costs of data query and analysis.
    • It adopts partitions or columns for compressed data storage to further lower costs.

    Superior performance

    • Data Lake Compute is serverless, so you don't need to worry about the underlying Ops. The system terminates compute resources after use and scales instantly and dynamically as computing power requirements change.
    • It comes with high-performance data engines and efficient models to boost the query efficiency. As a cache acceleration solution with zero costs and superior performance, it covers interactive query, batch query, smart analysis, and much more use cases.

    Security enhancement

    • Data Lake Compute adopts Tencent Cloud's mature VPC network isolation technology to ensure that tenants are isolated at the network level.
    • It further achieves high data reliability and security thanks to Tencent Cloud's superior security enhancement.
    • It enables fine-grained permission control to make operations more secure.

    Data portfolio

    • Data Lake Compute quickly supports a wide variety of machine learning capabilities to accommodate use cases of one-stop smart data analysis.
    • It offers visualization capabilities to help you gain data insights through predictive analysis.

    Ecosystem integration

    • Data Lake Compute is seamlessly integrated into Tencent Cloud's data ecosystem for direct access to data stored in COS.
    • It is compatible with numerous platforms and supports a diversity of upper-layer data applications.
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