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Quick Start with Permission Management in Data Lake Compute

Last updated: 2022-08-16 09:41:59

    User and work group

    Data Lake Compute manages user permissions through user authorization and work group authorization.

    • Work group: You can bind users to a work group to grant them the data and engine permissions of the work group. Users in the same work group have the same permissions.
    • User: You can select users in CAM, including sub-accounts and collaborator accounts.

      If users are granted different permissions from those in their work groups, all the granted permissions will take effect.


    1. Select Permission management on the left sidebar in the Data Lake Compute console.

    2. Create a work group.
      Click Work group > Add work group. You can bind users to the created work group or create an empty work group. For detailed directions, see User and User Group

    3. Authorize the work group.
      After creating the work group, click Authorize in the Operation column to add permissions, including Data permission and Engine permission.

      1. Data permission
        • Data catalog permission: It includes the permissions to create databases in a data catalog and create data catalogs.
        • Database and table permission: It includes fine-grained permissions at database and table levels to view and edit databases, tables, views, and functions.
      2. Engine permission
        Select a data engine and grant the permissions to use, modify, or delete it.
    4. Create a user.
      Add a user and bind the user to a work group: Click User > Add user. Set User type to General user and bind the user to a work group, so that the user can get all the permissions of the work group. If you set User type to Admin, you don't need to bind the user to a work group.

    5. Authorize a user.
      Authorize a user in the user list. Data permission and Engine permission can be granted, just like with a work group.

      For detailed directions, see Sub-Account Permission Management.

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