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Querying Script Parameters

Last updated: 2022-09-20 18:04:17

Data Lake Compute allows you to configure date parameters to facilitate queries with scripts.
Data Lake Compute adopts the standard date format of yyyymmddhh24miss and uses the ${} command to set a date as a variable consisting of the date and time.

  • Date: It can be in any date format or a predefined system variable, such as yyyymmdd, yyyymm, yyyy-mm-dd, yy, and dataDate.
  • Time: It can be +/-N cycles and supports N/Nd, Nm, Nw, Nh, and Nmi. It is compatible with various calculation formulas, such as 7*N and N/24.


+/- N Cycle Method Compatible Format Example
N years later ${yyyymmdd+Ny} - -
N years ago ${yyyymmdd-Ny} - One year ago: ${yyyymmdd-12m}: 20190920
N months later - ${yyyymmdd+Nm} -
N months ago ${yyyymmdd-Nm} $[add_months(yyyymmdd,-N)] ${yyyymmdd-1m}: 20200820
${yyyymm}: 202009
${dataDate-1m}: 20200820
N weeks later ${yyyymmdd+Nw} ${yyyymmdd+7*N} -
N weeks ago ${yyyymmdd-Nw} ${yyyymmdd-7*N} -
N days later ${yyyymmdd+N/Nd} - -
N days ago ${yyyymmdd-N/Nd} - ${yyyymmdd-1}, ${dataDate-1}
N hours later ${yyyymmddhh24+Nh} $[yyyymmddhh24+N/24] -
N hours ago ${yyyymmddhh24-Nh} $[yyyymmddhh24-N/24] ${yyyymmddhh24-1h}: 2020092014
${dataDate-1h}: 2020092014
N minutes later ${yyyymmddhh24mi+Nmi} $[yyyymmddhh24+N/24/60] -
N minutes ago ${yyyymmddhh24mi-Nmi} $[yyyymmddhh24-N/24/60] ${yyyymmddhh24mi-10mi}, ${dataDate-10mi}

Make sure that the variable or the part before +/- in the variable is in line with the standard date format; otherwise, the system cannot recognize and use it.

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