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Associating Tag with Private Engine Resource

Last updated: 2022-08-16 09:42:00


    A tag is used to categorize and manage resources. It consists of a tag key and a tag value. A tag key can correspond to multiple values. You can create tags and bind them to cloud resources for easier management. Data Lake Compute supports binding tags to private engines in the console or on the purchase page, thereby enabling multidimensional category management and bill breakdown for private engine resources.

    Creating a Tag and Binding a Resource

    Create a tag and bind it to a private engine for resource categorization and unified management.


    1. Log in to the Tag console to create a tag as instructed in Creating Tags and Binding Resources.
    2. Log in to the Data Lake Compute console.
    3. Click Data engine on the left sidebar to enter the Data engine list page.
    4. Click a resource name to enter the resource details page. Click Edit to pop up the tag edit window and select a tag for binding.
    5. Click Confirm to bind the tag to the private engine. You can click Edit again to unbind or modify the tag.

    Binding a Tag on the Purchase Page

    You can bind a tag when purchasing a private engine resource in both monthly subscription and pay-as-you-go billing modes.

    Filtering Resources by Tag

    You can filter resources by tag on the Data engine page in the Data Lake Compute console.


    1. Log in to the Data Lake Compute console and select Data engine.
    2. Select a tag in the tag search box. You can filter resources by tag key or tag key-value.

    3. Click the search icon to get the list of engines with that tag.

    Allocating Costs by Tag

    You can bind tags in the organization or business dimension for cost allocation by department, project team, region, etc.


    1. Log in to the Tag console and create a tag.
    2. Bind the tag to an engine resource in the tag console, on the Data engine page in the Data Lake Compute console, or on the purchase page.
    3. Go to the Billing Center to set a cost allocation tag. For more information, see Cost Allocation Tags.
    4. Go to the Bill Overview page, select the aggregation by tag tab, and view the column chart and list of resources aggregated by tag key.
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