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Last updated: 2023-06-12 10:19:27
    Self-service return is supported only for monthly subscribed private data engines. You don't need to return pay-as-you-go engines, as you can delete or suspend them to stop billing. Public engines won't incur fees when they are idle, so there is no need to return them.

    Self-service return

    Once returned, a data engine will be isolated. During the isolation period, it will be unavailable, with the data retained though.
    To recover an isolated data engine, go to the Billing Center > Renewal Management page in the Tencent Cloud console, select Data Lake Compute, and renew it.
    You cannot return the data engine again within six hours after you renew and recover it from isolation.
    The isolation period is seven days. After it elapses, the system will terminate the data engine permanently.
    The system will notify your Tencent Cloud account creator, global resource collaborators, and financial collaborators by email and SMS when your data engine is terminated.

    Refund rules

    Refund amount = Currently effective order amount + Ineffective order amount - Used resource value
    Currently effective order amount
    The amount paid for the currently effective order, excluding discounts and vouchers.
    Ineffective order amount
    The amount paid for the order that will take effect in the future, excluding vouchers.
    Used resource value
    It is calculated as follows:
    If the cluster has been used for one month as of the date of return, fees will be deducted by month; otherwise, fees will be deducted in a pay-as-you-go manner.
    The usage is accurate down to the second.
    If the refund is less than or equal to 0, it will be calculated as 0, and resources will be returned.
    Discounts and vouchers are not refundable.
    The refund amount will be refunded to your account at the ratio of cash and free credit paid upon purchase.
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