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Last updated: 2024-01-30 16:30:29

    Flexible Storage Solution Selection

    As audio and video technologies evolve rapidly, the migration of media files requires a significant investment in terms of development efforts, time, and financial resources. However, VOD on EO offers flexible media storage solutions, enabling you to rapidly use Video on Demand media services, without the need for media asset migration, thereby efficiently optimizing audio and video experiences within your product.
    Third-Party Storage Authorization: VOD on EO supports adding authorized third-party storage to the VOD on EO's applications. After the authorization, you could immediately use services such as upload acceleration, media processing, and distribution acceleration.

    Highly Stable, Rapid Media Uploads

    VOD on EO offers a variety of upload methods, including upload SDK, cloud API, console, and more. It provides capabilities such as checkpoint upload, multipart upload, and QUIC upload acceleration, satisfying a wide range of user upload requirements with high quality.
    Client-Side Upload Acceleration: It offers global accelerated uploading, intelligently selecting the optimal link, while also supporting data transmission using the QUIC protocol. This effectively enhances media upload speed and transmission stability in weak network environments.
    Multiple Upload Methods: It supports a variety of media upload methods, including local upload, URL pull upload, API upload, and client-side upload.
    Superior Upload Quality: Through measures such as scheduling optimization, global multi-storage park coverage optimization, link supplementation, transmission optimization, and protocol optimization, we achieve an upload success rate of over 99.5% (including weak network environments and large file uploads), leading the industry in upload quality.

    Global Media Distribution

    The global media distribution service of VOD on EO is provided by EdgeOne. EdgeOne supports handling large concurrent requests during peak periods, effectively responding to high concurrency. It ensures a high availability of distribution services and satisfactory media transmission speeds, helping you deliver a stable, smooth, and feature-rich viewing experience.
    With over 2800 CDN video acceleration nodes worldwide, a nationwide BGP network, and more than 17 operators spread across the country, we provide a smooth video acceleration experience for users all over the globe.
    Built-in default domain, supporting media distribution based on either the default domain or a custom domain specified by the user.
    We offer a comprehensive CDN usage statistical analysis service, along with support for CDN log downloads of domain access situations, bolstering business operations.
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