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Last updated: 2024-01-30 16:30:45

    TV Stations and OTT

    High-Resolution Video: VOD on EO supports high-resolution transcoding such as 2K, 4K, and 8K, and also supports HDR quality transcoding, meeting the usage requirements of ultra-high-definition, high-quality content for large-screen devices such as OTT television.
    Intelligent Switching Between Multiple Resolutions: With a single click, multiple streams are generated and automatically switched to audio and video playback at an appropriate bitrate, fulfilling the playback requirements of end devices in complex home network environments.
    Copyright Protection: It supports various protection schemes such as Referer Hotlink Protection, Key Hotlink Protection, and Commercial Grade DRM, safeguarding media copyrights.
    Video on Demand to Live: Based on the access control feature of VOD on EO, video on demand files can achieve a live streaming effect. TV stations and OTT can quickly and cost-effectively distribute video on demand files as live streaming, fully utilizing high-value recorded content to attract more traffic to the platform.


    High-Quality Client Upload: VOD on EO achieves industry-leading upload quality (with a success rate of over 99.5%) through a series of technical measures such as scheduling optimization. The excellent upload experience encourages customers to share, enhancing the platform's reputation.
    Fast Video Creation and Sharing: It provides an integrated client SDK with features such as collecting, editing, splicing, special effects, sharing, and playback. Developers can focus on the business itself, quickly and easily implementing short video applications based on mobile devices. Short video users can also swiftly connect production, processing, and distribution links, enabling rapid release of short videos.
    High Quality and Low Bitrate: In diverse and complex short video scenarios, through intelligent dynamic technology and precise bitrate control models, high-definition, low-bitrate videos are achieved. This ensures smooth playback and clear picture quality for users, while also saving the platform a significant amount of storage and traffic costs.
    Compliance Control: The content review feature of VOD on EO possesses intelligent recognition capabilities with high accuracy and recall rates. It can quickly and effectively detect non-compliant video segments, saving a significant amount of manual review. This is suitable for scenarios with a large volume of short videos and diverse content, building a safety barrier for the platform and reducing operational costs.
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