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Storage Management

Last updated: 2024-01-30 16:33:14

    Feature Overview

    VOD on EO supports the addition of third-party storage authorization to applications. Once the third-party storage authorization is added, you can utilize services such as upload acceleration, media processing, and accelerated distribution provided by VOD on EO.


    If your business utilizes multiple cloud storage providers, but you desire a unified service for upload acceleration, media processing, or accelerated distribution across these providers, it is recommended to authorize third-party buckets to VOD on EO for consolidated management.


    The VOD on EO service has been activated. Activate Now.
    A VOD on EO application has been created. Proceed to create the application.
    You have activated AWS's S3 storage service and prepared a usable AWS S3 bucket.


    1. Log in the VOD on EO Console, and click Application Management in the left navigation bar to access the application list page.
    2. Locate the application that requires the addition of a bucket, and click the application name to enter the application management page.
    3. Select Storage Management from the left navigation bar, then click Add bucket authorization.
    4. Select the storage service provider you wish to add, supporting both Tencent Cloud COS and AWS S3 storage.
    5. After entering the bucket information, click Add to complete the addition of the bucket.
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