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Last updated: 2024-01-30 16:34:15


    Authorize Bucket

    Authorize and bind the bucket of a third-party cloud storage service with the application of VOD on EO. After granting the read and write permissions of the bucket to VOD on EO, you can
    Utilize the media upload acceleration solution provided by VOD on EO to facilitate a faster and more stable file upload to your storage.
    Utilizing the media accelerated distribution service can assist you in distributing and accelerating media files in your bucket.


    An application is a method of resource allocation in VOD on EO. Resources and functional configurations are completely isolated between different applications, including media files, domain names, data statistics, configurations, etc. All capabilities of VOD on EO are provided based on the "application" service.


    Tencent Cloud EdgeOne

    Tencent Cloud EdgeOne is a solution based on Tencent's edge computing nodes that provides acceleration and security. It safeguards industries such as e-commerce and retail, financial services, content information, and gaming, enhancing user experience.
    In terms of acceleration, EdgeOne's nodes are closer to users, effectively reducing data access latency, preventing data transmission jitter, and ensuring the stability and validity of large data transmission. Additionally, the product offers acceleration features such as dynamic and static data acceleration, transnational acceleration, and intelligent routing optimization, efficiently supporting latency-sensitive businesses.
    In terms of security, EdgeOne provides WAF and DDoS protection services. The nodes identify and intercept various attack requests at the L3/L4/L7 layers, cleanse DDoS attack traffic, and the intelligent AI engine and BOT strategy engine analyze the behavior of Web, BOT, and CC type attacks and update interception strategies, blocking malicious requests from reaching the user's origin server, ensuring smooth and stable business access.
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