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Upload Acceleration

Last updated: 2024-01-30 16:32:44

    Feature Overview

    The upload acceleration feature, based on Tencent Cloud's globally deployed acceleration network, intelligently selects the optimal link to enhance the upload speed. Concurrently, it supports the use of the QUIC protocol for data transmission, improving the stability of data transfer in weak network conditions.
    Upload acceleration provides a superior quality upload service through the following measures:
    Receiving data from the nearest edge node
    It utilizes globally deployed edge nodes to receive upload requests from terminals in close proximity.
    Intelligent acceleration network
    Leveraging Tencent Cloud's acceleration network, it intelligently selects the optimal link to transmit data to the storage center.
    Supports QUIC protocol transmission
    The QUIC protocol, with features such as multiplexing and connection migration, offers higher data transmission efficiency and greater stability in weak network environments.


    Long-distance data upload
    Some end-users experience poor upload quality due to their considerable distance from the video-on-demand storage center, such as scenarios involving cross-regional or transoceanic uploads. By using client-side upload acceleration, requests from users are received via Tencent Cloud's nearest edge nodes, and data transmission is carried out through the accelerated network, significantly enhancing upload quality.
    Data upload in weak network conditions
    Mobile users often experience unstable network connections and high packet loss rates due to frequent network switching or being in areas with weak base station signals. Upload acceleration supports the use of the QUIC protocol, making data transmission more stable in weak network environments.
    General data upload
    Non-accelerated channels use HTTP1.1 for data transmission, which can easily reach performance bottlenecks when uploading large amounts of data. Upload acceleration can use the QUIC protocol for data upload, supporting features such as multiplexing and 0-RTT, thus enhancing transmission efficiency.


    VOD on EO has automatically enabled the upload acceleration service for you. Please use the upload SDK directly for file upload acceleration. For more details, please refer to Upload Acceleration.
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