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Adding A Domain Name for Acceleratio

Last updated: 2024-01-30 16:33:01
    This document introduces the process of adding your business domain into VOD on EO.


    You have successfully applied for the VOD on EO service. For details, please refer to Purchase Methods.
    You have already accessed your site, such as example.com. If you wish to accelerate in the Chinese mainland availability zone or global availability zone, please file your domain name first. For more information, please refer to the Filing Guide.


    1. Log in the VOD on EO console, and click Application Management in the left navigation bar to access the application list page.
    2. Locate the application that requires configuration, and click the application name to enter the application management page.
    3. Select Domain Name Management from the left navigation bar, then click Add Domain.
    4. Adding a domain requires an available EdgeOne site. If you have not yet added an EdgeOne site, click Add a new site to be redirected to the EdgeOne console to add a site. For guidance on how to add a site, please refer to Quick Start.
    5. After selecting the EO site, continue by entering the domain address that needs to be added.
    6. Choose the distribution scope for this domain. You can either apply it to all files within the application, or only to files in a specified bucket. If you choose to apply it only to files in a specified bucket, you will need to further select the specific bucket.
    7. Click Next step to proceed to EdgeOne for further configuration. Simultaneously, the domain in VOD on EO will be synchronized and creation will be completed.
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