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Application Management

Last updated: 2024-01-30 16:32:31

    What is an application?

    An application is a method of resource allocation in VOD on EO. Resources and functional configurations are completely isolated between different applications, including media files, domain names, data statistics, configurations, etc. All capabilities of VOD on EO are provided based on the "application" service.
    Applicable scenarios for the application:
    Isolation of Multiple Departments/Businesses
    A certain enterprise develops its products based on Tencent Cloud. Department A needs to use VOD on EO to develop a short video app, while Department B uses it to develop a film and television website. These two on-demand services need to be isolated from each other. However, for financial management reasons, the enterprise cannot open separate Tencent Cloud accounts for Departments A and B. In this case, the application feature of VOD on EO can be used to allocate an application to each of Departments A and B.
    Access Control
    In the above scenarios of isolating multiple departments/businesses, developers may have further access control requirements. For instance, each department should only be able to access the sub-applications associated with its own business and not have access to other sub-applications. In this case, the account manager can assign a sub-user to Departments A and B respectively, and grant them the corresponding access rights to the applications of VOD on EO.
    Distinguishing Between Formal and Testing Environments
    If developers wish to test certain features of VOD on EO, but are concerned about affecting online operations (such as modifying event notification methods), they can open an application for the production environment and an application for the test environment respectively. New features can first be validated in the testing environment, and once confirmed to be error-free, the online environment can be updated.
    Capabilities of the Application:
    Resource Isolation: Resources of VOD on EO are mutually isolated between different applications.
    Data Statistics: Individual data statistics, including bandwidth/traffic and playback data, are generated for each application.
    Limitations of the Application:
    It does not support setting individual billing logic for applications (such as setting billing methods, generating separate bills, purchasing dedicated resource packages, etc.). All applications under one VOD on EO account belong to the same account. The usage of all applications (including but not limited to storage, traffic, transcoding duration, and other VOD on EO billing items) will be calculated collectively and charged uniformly.

    Creating an application

    1. Navigate to the VOD on EO Console, then click Go to Authorize.
    2. On the application creation page, fill in the application name (within 40 characters).
    3. Enter the Access key ID and Secret access key created in Step One, along with the bucket information retrieved in Step Two. Select the corresponding region for the bucket, then click Create to complete the application creation.

    Modifying an application

    1. Navigate to Console > Application Management, then click the modify button next to the application name.
    2. In the name modification pop-up window, input the new application name (within 40 characters), then click Save to complete the application modification.

    Disabling an application

    For applications in use, it is possible to disable them. However, disabling an application does not result in data being cleared.
    1. Navigate to Console > Application Management, then click Disable.
    2. In the confirmation pop-up window, click Start Disabling to disable the application.

    Deleting an application

    When an application is disabled, it can be deleted. After deletion, the associated bucket will be unbound, and any added domain names will be removed. This action is irreversible.
    1. Navigate to Console > Application Management, then click Delete.
    2. In the confirmation pop-up window, click Confirm deletion to permanently delete the application.

    Enabling an application

    When an application is disabled, it can be reactivated.
    1. Navigate to Console > Application Management, then click Enable button to reactivate an application that is disabled.
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