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Purchase Guide

Last updated: 2022-09-14 17:03:48

    Billing Overview

    You must activate CSS to use the MLVB SDK. You may be charged the following fees for using the SDK:

    • License fee
    • Fees for other Tencent Cloud services if you use the services together with MLVB

    MLVB License Fee

    You need an MLVB Professional license to access the MLVB Professional SDK on iOS and Android.


    MLVB Professional is an annual subscription-based service. For first-time purchase, you need to contact sales to add your account to the allowlist. For detailed directions, see New License and Renewal.


    Billable Item Price (USD/Year)
    MLVB Professional license
    Validity period: 1 year


    • Each account can apply for 1 free trial license to try out MLVB Professional. A trial license is valid for 14 days, after which you can renew the license in the console for another 14 days. In other words, you can use the trial license for up to 28 days. Sign up for an account in the CSS console now and follow the directions in License User Guide to try out MLVB.
    • Each MLVB Professional license can be bound to 1 iOS bundle ID and 1 Android package name, whether you use it in the development or production environment. If you have multiple projects that need to use the MLVB SDK, you have to purchase multiple licenses.
    • An MLVB Professional license becomes valid from the day of purchase and can be bound to a new project (bundle ID/package name) or replace an existing MLVB Professional license. After replacement, the validity period of the new license will apply to the project in question. The replaced license will be unbound from the project and its validity period will remain unchanged.


    If you use the MLVB SDK together with CSS, you will also be charged CSS basic service fees, such as bandwidth fees based on the billing standards of CSS. You can choose to pay daily or monthly. For more information, see Billing Overview.


    MLVB Professional does not allow refunds.

    Overdue Payments

    There is no such thing as an overdue payment for MLVB licenses per se. However, if you have purchased other Tencent Cloud services and there isn’t enough balance in your account, you will be prompted to pay the overdue payment. If you fail to make the payment after the 24-hour grace period, your account will no longer have access to the console, which can affect your use of MLVB.

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