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Last updated: 2024-04-11 09:35:31

    Getting to know MLVB SDK

    The MLVB SDK is a quick integration tool that provides devices with stream push and playback capabilities and is often used in large-scale high-concurrency live streaming scenarios, including live shows, ecommerce live streaming, sports events, new product launches, roadshows, and online auctions. It offers the RTMP-based stream push method, a demo for you to try out features, and a non-UI integration solution and supports multi-terminal access, so you can integrate it more quickly and efficiently.


    Trying the demo

    MLVB API-Example Demo is provided to help you better understand MLVB SDK APIs to quickly implement the basic features of some live streaming scenarios. You can quickly run this demo as instructed in the following documents:
    Source Code Address
    How to Run the Demo


    The MLVB SDK provides a non-UI component integration solution for you to integrate the SDK features into your application more quickly:
    You can also integrate the MLVB SDK directly into your project and use the SDK APIs to implement the features you need. This solution offers greater flexibility, but you have to design the UI and interactions by yourself.
    We offer API examples for different platforms to help you quickly learn how to use the APIs of the SDK. You can find the API examples for basic TRTC features in the Basic folder of the SDK source code package and advanced features (such as resolution setting, background music, and network speed testing) in the Advanced folder.
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